What Opportunities the University can give you

by | May 10, 2018 | Education Feature

  1. It benefits personal development and broadens the horizons

The first reason to gain a high education is an abilities for personal improvement. The university not only teaches you specific subjects, but it also helps students to advance critical and logical thinking, open your mind and give insights into some important life problems. The university graduates perceive the world through different lenses and are thus more efficient in building career, as well as in succeeding in personal matters. It does not mean that university is a universal tool to open up opportunities, but it will surely facilitate the employment process.

  1. Employment services and career development opportunities

Employment services, which are functioning in colleges and universities, have a wide range of post university employment opportunities.

For example, The Career Development Service in the University of Leicester gives students certain aid in finding their first jobs. Employment services help students to develop a net of useful business contacts that can be utilized during early career moves, either as potentials employers or as potential business and professional partners. If you make some thorough job of opportunity study, you will find out that getting a circle of inner professional connections is one of the most significant benefits institution gives you.

Another possibility is to volunteer in a variety of spheres and projects during your educational time, which is also a common thing for leading educational institutions. While studying, students can gain professional experience and consequently become demanded specialists in preferred area, after stepping outside their alma mater door.

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  1. Social and life changing opportunities

If you study opportunities that higher education can give you, do not discard your perfect chance to become a part of specific teams and social circles. Such as a community of international students that shapes itself before the first semester in university. A possibility to experience a different culture is one more benefit of being an institution student since a lot of institutions offer to study one or two-semester abroad as part of international student exchange programs.

Nowadays, as student, you can always make use of the most innovative tech resources, which can help with studies. Student life is a gorgeous time when you can experience the life of an adult, as well as to start your own business project. It shapes your interests and defines your goals for the future.

For example, a lot of colleges have Centers for Feminist Research or Women’s Centers. Feminist Communities for students and discussion platforms encourage to express feminist views freely. Such communities are composed of diverse students across all the college who are united by ideology of feminism. A lot of them seek for cooperation with other social and political organizations.

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  1. A degree can play a decisive role in your hiring process

A degree is always important for hiring companies. Employers pay attention to skills and competences. Nevertheless, a range of professions to get without a degree is far from wide. If you plan to become a graphic designer, you will be fine with an associate degree, but in case you are going to be a Web Developer, or Network and Computer System Administrator, then college degree is a must. Such challenging job as one of Political Scientist requires as much as  Master’s degree in arespected field. So a person with higher education has incomparably more job possibilities than a school leaver. Moreover, you can also greatly benefit in your salary. Because if you are self-taught graphic designer, you will bring home significantly less money than your colleague with new shining Bachelor’s diploma.

  1. A university career is the option

Only with finished higher education, you can pursue a university career, which is desirable thing for most of the people. If you dream to give lectures or do innovative scientific research, this might be perfect career path for you, so think about it closely. Leading universities usually feature cutting-edge scientific centers, which makes them a superb choice for scientists. In case you do not feel like writing your thesis, which is often a demand to open up university career opportunities, do not reject this variant at once. If you prefer the bright experience of teaching to the dreary routine of writing thesis step by step, you can get help from EduBirdie.com. A career in a higher education institution is challenging and competitive thing, yet not suitable for everyone.

If you doubt whether you will make good academic, keep in mind that an academic career requires several things. To start with, a successful academic needs to enjoy scientific research. Secondly, a crucial skill for a future PhD is to communicate their ideas effectively, be ready to engage in a public discussion, and not stay away from criticism. Apart from that, for career in an educational institution, a person has to be hard working, ready to put time and effort into their research. However, the first thing needed for future academic is a deep passion for a chosen area of research. If you feel as you fit in these criteria – welcome to the world of university career!

  1. Work and study opportunities programs

One more advantage of studying in higher education institution is that you can take part in various work and study opportunities programs. Such things let you study and teach or have another position in college at the same time, thus saving on the tuition cost and gaining fantastic work experience.

A list of positions, included in work and study opportunities programs, consists of lecturer, librarian, laboratory worker, and university researcher.

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  1. All-round approach to university benefits

You have to be involved in different spheres that comprise higher education, not just your major subject. A college gives you an opportunity to set a net of contacts you can use in future; university job opportunity centers will support you through your professional employment process, and a degree is a key to earn more and to become a valuable specialist in most leading world companies. If that is not enough, keep in mind that college campus life gives you a chance to join amazing communities based on shared interest.

BIO: Crystal Roman is a freelancer and member of the Bread and Roses Center for Feminist Research and Activism. Gendered aging and domestic violence are in the focus of her scientific interest. She is famous for her feminist views and constant struggle to unite the leading women over the most burning political and cultural issues. She is also working as an expert writer at EduBirdie, sharing her deep knowledge with students and postgraduates.

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