Hair Transplantation: Facts to consider before getting the treatment

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Health Featured

5 things to consider before your hair transplantation

Deciding to have a hair transplantation is a very personal and big decision, we are sure you have put a lot of thought prior to going for one. Here are few things we would like you to consider before finally booking your hair transplantation consultation.

  1. Make sure you are an eligible candidate to for a transplant.

Though hair loss is a genetic condition, however, it can be cured with the process of hair transplantation. Coming to the point, if you are good to go for hair transplantation, you should consider the fact that if your hair loss is stabilized, hair transplantation will not stop the hair fall. So, it is advisable to not schedule a hair transplant surgery as soon as you start to notice hair fall or while you are too young.

  1. The process is irreversible.

Before you decide to jump in, make sure and realize that this process is permanent and there is no turning back. Hence, it is advised by the experts to get your facts right and choose the most suitable hair restoration process for you as it is a big decision and can’t be reciprocated.

  1. Consider other alternatives available for hair loss surgery.

There are several (FDA) approved medicines that are being sold in the market and has proved so effective in managing hair loss in several male candidates. The only drawback to this kind of treatment is that it is temporary and once you stop taking the medication, your hair fall will start again.

  1. Cost of hair transplant

Considering the cost of hair transplantation is the most important factor to keep in mind while deciding to go for a hair transplant surgery. There is no denying the fact that it is a very expensive treatment however, it is worth the cost. You may also consider to make a research on the offers abroad. Such as if you are planning to have hair transplant turkey, you may have very attractive offers from high quality centers. In the end, it is your decision to decide if you really want to spend your money or if you think it is worth the results you are expecting.

  1. Choosing the best clinic in your area to get your hair transplant done.

Make sure you have checked the background of the clinic and the doctor who will be performing your hair transplant surgery, he should be experienced. Do some research on the success rate of surgeries done by the doctor and also consult, discuss what exactly you are looking for.

Things to consider after Hair transplant surgery.

  1. Complications and risks included in the surgery.

Hair transplantation is an extensively risk-free process, though there are some side effects experienced by few patients such as scarring, bleeding, and pain during the process. These effects are temporary and they heal depending on the ability of your skin to generate new cells.

  1. The time frame to expect the results.

The transplanted hair starts to emerge after four months after the treatment, by the 8 months 80 % of the hairs are noticeable; once the growth is commenced, they become a permanent part of your scalp and do not fall out.

  1. Post surgery follow-ups and precautions

Before deciding to go for a hair transplant surgery be wary of the fact that process is time-consuming and it might take several days for you to go back to your normal routine. Some providers, such as MCAN Health, automatically follows the previous patients’ condition. The transplanted area will require extensive care. The doctor will provide you with all the medicines and oil to take care of the area where the surgery has been performed.

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