Determining Who’s at Fault: Learn About These 8 Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Jobs Featured

If you’ve ever been involved in an accident,  you can attest it’s not your favorite cup of tea.  An accident can change your life in a snap of a finger. Crippling you and rendering you jobless.

You not only suffer physical injuries but also subjected to emotional torture and financial crisis.

Most accident cases occur due to negligence. You need compensation in such cases. Invest in good lawyers and you can find the best lawyers at Sibley dolman to sustain such needs.

The following are some of the common personal injury cases.

1) Slips and Fall Accidents

It’s painful and agonizing to be involved such accidents. These accidents occurs when one trips or slides on a floor. Slippery floors without caution catalyze such incidents and a ruined floor which needs renovations is another factor. Slip and fall accidents can result to fractured bones.

2) Motor Vehicle Accidents

This is the most common form of accident.  They include motorcycles, trucks, buses and trains. Boating accident can also be classified here. Motor vehicle accidents occur in form of collisions. Drunk drivers, over speeding and failure to adhere to traffic rules also lead to such accidents. If such accidents occur, you can always seek help at Sibley Dolman.

3) Workplace Injuries

As a worker of any organization, you need to be well protected from any injury.   Your company should ensure you possess work injury insurance cover. In addition, construction sites and factories need to provide protection gears such as helmets and safety boots to the workers.

What if you’ve fallen sick at workplace due to poor ventilation or poor sanitation service? What if the damage incurred is more than your insurance cover or you don’t even have one. File a lawsuit and demand indemnity.

4) Birth Injuries

These are injuries acquired during childbirth. Damages found here tend to last the lifetime of an individual. Obstetricians are mostly held responsible for these. Paralysis, damage of brain and cerebral palsy are the long term effects. You are also likely to get traumatized if your kid is faced with this crisis.

5) Pedestrian’s Injuries

Averagely, one person suffers pedestrian accidents in every 5 minutes.  This accident has serious consequences such broken body parts. You can also suffer brain injuries in some of occasions. Usually, careless drivers are the ones who trigger these accidents.

6) Medical Malpractice

Occurs when a medical personnel breach duty of care.  You need to be extra careful as a doctor because you are dealing with people’s lives. Underperforming can be said to be negligence. For instance, case of forgotten syringe in a patient body during a surgery is extremely unprofessional.

7) Dog Bites

Dog bites are extremely dangerous. They can cause post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The common signs of PTSD include; anxiety, paranoia and loss of interest in certain activities. This type of personal injury can be a nightmare. Dog bites in some cases can result to death.

8) Burn Injuries

This is the most life threatening accidents. A building full of tenants can burn down due to faulty wires. A landlord needs to double check his premises and amend faults that can lead to fire accidents.

Injury cases compensation depend on the type of injury caused, the circumstances of the accident and damage incurred. At sibley dolman, for example, there are competent lawyers to assist you pursue your case and with no doubt win.

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