GigaFX Review:  10 Features That Have Brought GigaFX to the Top

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Stock Market News Featured

There should be no doubt in your mind that GigaFX has emerged as one of the best online brokers today. It might not be the oldest broker that you have known but it can definitely offer you things that most other brokers haven’t brought to their trading platforms. The overall experience of trading with this broker has been admired over and over by all the traders who have recently joined its trading platform. If you are also looking for the right broker for your trading career, this GigaFX review will be extremely helpful for you. Let’s look at the 10 features that have brought GigaFX to the top of the list of some of the best brokers on the internet for trading.

The 10 Best GigaFX Features

Digital Coin Trading

You don’t have to look elsewhere anymore if you are someone who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies. When you go to crypto exchanges, you have to exchange the currency you have for the digital coins. There is no leverage for you in these types of trades. Furthermore, you will actually have to sell your digital coins in order to buy other digital coins or if you have fiat currencies, you will have to sell them and own digital coins. Holding on to digital coins is not that easy as you might already know. Secondly, crypto exchanges do not have the best reputation in the world when it comes to keeping your coins secure. With GigaFX, you can transfer bitcoins from your crypto wallet directly to your online account. Since it provides CFD trading, you never have to own digital coins if you are trading them for the first time.

Cannabis Stocks Trading

It does not matter how long the list of stocks is when you sign up with a broker and look at its asset index. Most of these stocks have been around for quite a few years and thus the saturation is at its peak. You don’t see any significant movements in their values unless something extraordinary happens. With GigaFX, you are getting a chance to invest in cannabis stocks for the first time. These are expectedly the most lucrative stocks that you can get your hands on to considering the increasing popularity and acceptance of legal components of cannabis. There is a long list of cannabis stocks that you can invest in with GigaFX.

Safety of Traders

Your safety is the top priority for this broker. You will know it when you look at the policies that it adheres to. The KYC policy ensures the company identifies you properly before it lets you access its platform. The AML (anti-money laundering) policy is there to prevent people from using GigaFX for money laundering purposes. In addition to these things, your information gets encrypted when you provide it to the broker to protect it from unauthorized parties. Your funds are secure in accounts that are dedicated to maintaining only your funds.

An Excellent Platform

The trading platform from GigaFX is one of the best you can be on. It comes equipped with all the charts and tools that help you with successful trades. More importantly, this software is compatible with most of the devices in use today. Whether you are using a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone, you can use the trading platform on all of them without any compatibility issues. Moreover, there is also a website version of the platform that you can run on your browser. For anyone who keeps moving to new places and switches devices frequently, the web version is the best version of the trading platform.

Trader Friendly Accounts

You have four different accounts out of which the first two are suitable for new traders whereas the other two are best for advanced traders. The deposit requirements for basic accounts are flexible and thus allow new traders to open them easily. With the most basic account, which is called the starter account, you can take advantage of fixed spreads. The rest of the accounts boast floating spreads. Irrespective of the type of account you pick, you will never have to pay any commission to the broker. You also get an expert advisor with these accounts, and a personal account manager feature is also included in every account type. You have 1:100 and 1:200 leverages available for basic and advanced account holders respectively.

Trader Favoring Trading Conditions

You can’t really make money with a broker if it does not give you the perfect environment to make money. By charging huge commissions, and limiting you with certain trading strategies, some brokers will act like hurdles in your way of making money. For example, some brokers do not allow you to use hedging techniques unless you sign up with their most expensive account. Hedging allows you to control your risks and minimize your losses when you enter trades. For the benefit of the traders, GigaFX allows hedging to each and every trader using its platform for trading. Leverages are available on all types of assets. Yes, the leverage might change with the assets but it does not completely disappear even when you are trading digital coins.

Banking Is a Breeze

Your deposit of funds in your account should be an easy process. It does not contribute to or take away from the profits you make on your trades and thus any hassle in this process does not make any sense. It is unfortunate that some brokers can make this entire process a bit frustrating. When it comes to banking with GigaFX, you will see that all the things are in your favor. If you want to use credit card to deposit funds in your account, you will have no problems doing that. If you want to go with the bank wire option, you can do so easily. More importantly, you now have the internet payment options such as Skrill and Neteller available as well. These methods are considered more reliable by new traders and also offer instant transfer of the money to the online account. The best thing is, you can now use your crypto wallet to fund your GigaFX trading account.

Thorough Educational Courses

If you need some classes before you start trading, you will not have to sign up with some online academy for training. You have all the educational material you need for learning trading from GigaFX. The broker has brought to you some of the most amazing videos and ebooks to teach you how to trade. This course material will teach you not only the basics of trading but also the most advanced trading strategies. Additionally, you will learn how to read the various technical analysis to predict the prices of the assets in the market. Webinars are also a part of the training you receive from GigaFX. You will find some of the most seasoned and successful traders giving you the lectures in these webinars.

Long List of Trading Tools

You have a long list of trading tools that you get access to when you sign up with GigaFX. This list includes the most advanced as well as the most basic tools. The basic ones include options like the market news. Market news gives you an idea of the current state of the market and the overall sentiment of the investors. In a similar manner, you will get access to the market summary to know instantly what steps you should be taking to enter successful trades. Trading signals are the most important part of these tools. Trading signals give you an indication of whether you should go short or long in a trade. The indication is based on detailed analyses of the market and various other techniques so you can trust them. However, it is important here to realize the importance of the analysis you do on your own. You should not rely solely on these trading signals.

A 24/5 Customer Support Service

While the customer support department is not available throughout the week, it is definitely there at any time of the day or night to help you with your concerns. You can get the help you need with your issues through emails or phone. There are two phone numbers and you can call on one based on your location. When you send an email, you will mostly get a reply to it in 24 hours. According to many online GigaFX reviews on various websites and blogs the customer support department is professional and you can tell that from the way they listen to you and respond to your queries.

Bottom Line

GigaFX is an all-rounder broker as you can tell from the features stated above. The broker understands the needs of its customers and designs its features according to them. From account opening to collecting the profits you make on your trades, every process is simplified and plain. Furthermore, GigaFX offers you tight spreads, so you have a great chance of making lots of profits on your successful trades. Whether you are a seasoned trader or someone who is trading for the first time, GigaFX is definitely one of the best broker options to consider.

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