8 New Gadgets We Must Have In 2020

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Technology Featured

Isn’t it fun to make the predictions about technology that we might be using in the coming years? A lot of tech enthusiasts do this every day. However, as humans, we do tend to overestimate technology sometimes. Of course, we aren’t certain whether these predictions will come true or not but we are indeed excited to experience the changes in the technology in the coming years. If you too are curious about the future in terms of technology, then you should take a look at top 7 new gadgets that you might just experience for real in the coming year, 2020.

Implants or Wearable to keep a check on your health

There have been predictions by the health executives that by 2020, we will be able to perform real-time diagnostics for cancer, intestinal flora, the immune system as well as pre-diabetes. This might come in the form of a wearable patch or a device. If it is true, it in a way will make health care preventive rather than it being reactive. Hopefully, this technology is already on its way.

5G network and smartphones

Of course, we have the 4G LTE networks but it does leave wireless carriers and industry groups apprehensive for the impending 5G technology. Hopefully, by the end of 2020, the technology will be deployed and the networks and smartphones will be faster than ever before, courtesy the 5G network. It is believed that the 5G network would not just be faster but also less energy-intensive than 4G. Tiana who did an excellent dreamstime review recently states that the 5G network will pave a way for the better smartphones, faster smart home devices as well as wearables that would last longer.

Virtual reality headsets

It is believed that the virtual reality headsets will immerse the users in the digital world. Anaida, who works with a platform where you can pay for research paper online, says that unquestionably, these headsets are going to be the next big thing in communication and entertainment arena. There are a plethora of reasons for all of us to be sceptical about how Virtual Reality will change the phase of technology but the compelling 3D experience which it will offer is indeed something to watch out for.

Augmented reality headsets

Just like the Virtual reality headsets, even the augmented reality headsets are going to be an interesting part of our technology in the coming year. A lot of tech researchers are of the view that holographic TVs will become a reality in 2020 or maybe shortly thereafter. So it does seem like augmented reality which gives a true version of the holograms will be the tech that will pave a way for games and shows to project characters or the environment right in front of you. Sam, who offers assignment help online says, that augmented reality headsets will help create fascinating virtual worlds that would blend with your surroundings and make it look real.

Self-driving cars

 The industry executives do discuss the future of the self-driven cars with a high enthusiasm but that doesn’t take away from the fact that autonomous vehicles do need humans at least in the present. Iliana, who offers research paper for sale online says, that 100% autonomous cars might be a decade away. However, the existing self-driven cars are already taking this on the positive track. Hopefully, in the coming years, they will have the potential to do a lot more but none the less, at present, they do need human intervention.

Devices which run intelligent assistants locally

Today we are using a lot of intelligent assistants – Google Now, Siri, Cortana. But they need a fast internet connection along with some related data to answer your questions and respond to your requests. However, Sarah who offers online accounting homework help says, that in the coming years hopefully the wearables, tablets and smartphones will be equipped with an intelligent assistant which will conduct deep learning locally. If this happens, not only will you save on a lot of battery but it will also alleviate the privacy concerns that inherent with assistants.

Completely wireless smart home gadgets

Wearable devices, smartphones, computers and even our smart home sensors are all the smart devices that we have been using at present. However, no matter how long the batteries of these smart devices last, they do need to be plugged into a power source for them to be charged. Hopefully, by 2020 or in the years to come, we will be able to develop technology that enables our gadgets to communicate and work via energy harvested from the nearby Wi-Fi signals, mobile phones, radio or TV. This technology will work on a principle called backscattering which will selectively reflect the incoming radio waves to construct new signal. As a result of this, we can expect battery-free gadgets – cameras, smart-home devices, temperature sensors or smoke alarms, which won’t ever have to be charged.

High-End Wastewater Treatment and Management Systems

Isn’t water the most quintessential resource on the planet? Following the reports of the UN, more than 75% of the freshwater in the water is already polluted. Harry, who offers online blockchain certifications says, that it is perhaps because of the under-investment in water management systems. In the long run, it might harm the health of the environment and us humans. To cater to that, we might soon see a launch of the high-end wastewater treatment as well as management systems. If that happens, wastewater would no longer be seen as a liability.

So, these according to us are the top 8 new gadgets that you should have by the year 2020. If you have more to add to the list, do let us know in the comments below.


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