Procedure to get Visa for travelling to Sharm El Sheikh

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Egypt is among the most insightful countries with hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting its famous Sharm El Sheikh. Nearly the entire southern region experiences a warm climate throughout the year due to its proximity to the red sea.

Given the fact that tourism accounts for a significant part of the country, various levels of administrations are lenient in terms of tourist VISA policy. Check here more information about all entry requirements for tourists.

Entry and exit regulations

If you intend to enter or leave Egypt as a tourist via an international airport, the usual immigration processes are usually fast, and no many questions asked. And by the sea or land, the process is the same though it is likely to be slow and somewhat more chaotic.

Generally, travelers are advised to enter or exit Sharm El Sheikh by air. Note that crossing the land border with a car or other types of vehicles or entering the region by the sea on a personal boat might result in immigration authorities questioning for slowing down the overall entry process for individual travelers who seek to Sharm El Sheikh. This process might even get slower if you were to obtain a VISA once you arrive at Sharm El Sheikh.

Currently, there’s the talk of changes regarding the VISA to enter this region, and a possible standardizing process that is said will facilitate efficient VISA processing in the country. That means a more significant number of travelers will be able to acquire a VISA online before they travel to Sharm El Sheikh.

Typically, introducing an online-based VISA system, just like other countries have done over the recent years, will definitely minimize the issuance of Sharm El Sheikh VISA on arrival. Thus, you can expect the immigration queues at border control offices to disappear.

It is crucial for travelers to be informed of what specific materials, products, and substances can be brought into Egypt. The customs regulations here are stringent, and any traveler carrying illegal objects, elements, and any offensive item risks getting prosecuted, imprisoned or fined. It is worth noting that there are specific allowances for some liquids and substances, including perfumes, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, and more. Be sure to check these requirements just to be sure you don’t violate any of them.

Visa requirements for passports

Every traveler must be aware of all the relevant passport policies for Sharm El Sheikh before they travel. Failing to adhere to these regulations could result in challenges in entry at the border, or you risk an expulsion from Egypt while staying in the country. The essential requirement is that the traveler’s passport must be valid for about six months on the day of arrival in the country. This is also an integral part of the Sharm EL Sheikh VISA regulations.

VISA information

For the majority of nationalities, it’s necessary to acquire a VISA to this region. Keep in mind that there are different types of VISAs for Egypt and various ways of getting each of them. Applicants can submit their specific VISA applications for an e-VISA online. One of the many types of VISAs is the single-entry tourist VISA, which allows a traveler to stay for a maximum of 30 days and is probably available to various nationalities.

When traveling to Egypt, visitors can also get a valid Egypt Visa as soon as they land at Sharm El Sheikh. Visas obtained at the border are subject to thorough scrutiny, and travelers must be ready to provide all the required documents when collecting their Visa. Getting a Visa in Egypt can be a bit overwhelming for travelers if they don’t have the necessary documents. Travelers in the country intending to extend their Visas must visit the immigration offices in the country to find out more about how they can get a new visa to continue enjoying their stay in the country.


As a foreigner trying to enter Egypt for the first time, you must ensure you have all the right documents before you begin your journey to avoid any problems with the local authorities. Those traveling to Egypt on vacation can book or apply for valid Egypt Visa right in the comfort of their homes. You can learn more about the Visa application process online to equip yourself with the necessary requirements and guidelines.


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