6 SEO Blogging Strategies to Increase Your Traffic

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Business Feature

Blogging forms an integral and important part of any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy and all SEO services in India understand it. The whole journey of searching for particular information for users starts with them typing a few relevant words in a search engine. The search engine, in turn, displays a lot of websites and webpages related to those words and the user then chooses a few of them from those that are displayed at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Understanding SEO at the most basic level, you will find that search engines often display particular blogs as a relevant resource for the information a person is looking for. The bloggers thus need to follow a few of the best practices, which have been consistent over the years and make the blogs rank high in the SERPs and hence help in increasing the traffic.

These ever-green strategies are:

Design Your Blog Post Keeping Your Objective in Mind

The basic aim of any business blog is to create a business. There might be some products or services that you want to sell and you would try to generate relevant traffic for that by promoting those through a blog. This means that your primary objective now is to provide information about your products or services to the visitors. You are trying to do this by grabbing their attention through your blog. Thus, giving a crisp and short text summary will enable the users to quickly scan and see if it aligns with what they were looking for. As it’s a business blog that is meant for getting leads that can be converted, you need to write content keeping that objective in mind. You are not writing this blog to win a Pulitzer, right?

Emphasise on Providing Better User Experience

The whole reason for your existence is to increase the user interest once your title has caught their attention and they decided to read it. You now need to keep them engrossed by optimizing readability. This can be done by keeping the tone of the write-up conversational. Whatever you want to convey should be in short and crisp sentences. Making use of subheadings and bullet points makes it an easy read. To further maintain their interest, you can make use of graphics, pictures etc.

Do Some Guest Blogging

Besides writing on your blog, you should also do guest blogging on some reputed and trustworthy blogs in your niche. This helps in creating backlinks and has a positive effect on SEO. Create high-quality and unique content that includes a link to your site or mentions about your blog and this helps in increasing traffic. You can also use the popular blog platforms for this purpose. The whole idea is to gain some genuine backlinks through all this guest posting.

Keep a Tab on Your Competitors

It’s not just important to do things right yourself. You also need to keep a tab on what your competitors are doing. This includes analysing the keywords they are using or the type of content they are posting, the platforms they are using to post their content etc. to drive traffic to their websites.

Post Informative Content in an Entertaining Manner

You might be providing content that is very valuable and informative. But, what use will it be of if the readers do not go through it? Thus, make it engaging and entertaining by using diagrams, images, illustrations and infographics. These are good tools for explaining long and boring things in a simple and interesting manner. The content can also be posted using videos that have better engaging power than textual content, animated pictures and GIFs.

You can even make your blog interactive for the readers by posting questionnaires and polls. There are endless ways to gain the attention of your readers and all these help in getting traffic organically without the need for targeted traffic. The best SEO services always go for organic traffic as it stays for long till the time you continue doing the right things on your blog.

Optimize Your Blog Using the Right Plugins

There is an utmost need to optimize your blog so that it uploads faster, doesn’t have any broken links and other such hurdles. Professional services like Techmagnate have regular audits of their clients’ websites or web pages to look for issues and fix them. For blogging, WordPress plugins are the best. There are hundreds of plugins available, but good and experienced SEO services in India know exactly which ones to use.

Blogging plays an important role in increasing and diverting the right kind of traffic to your website. Hence, it is very important that you write a successful blog and optimize it for SEO. This requires a perfect mix and balance of good ideas to come up with a successful blog that ticks all the SEO requirements.

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