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Need a new haircut? Overdue for a new hairstyle? Krisspi can do that for you. At Krisspi, we believe in going the extra mile to give you precisely what you need. We are an on-demand hair service provider giving you the freedom to get the style of your choice at a place of convenience. No need to go to the Barbershop/ Salon anymore.

It is said that technology enables transformation. It allows service providers to reach for better customer satisfaction by offering their clients remote service access. There is also no denying that people nowadays have more money than they have time to spend, which means they are most likely to opt for services delivered at their doorstep without them having to move much.

Derrick Butler & Mario Goins are both members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.,

Smartphones have revolutionized the service industry significantly. Using mobile applications, you can shop for endless hours, get food delivered, have an online tour of the entire world, and even learn a thing or two.

On-Demand Hair Services by Krisspi

Just imagine, tap an App and summon your very own hairstylist – who does that? Celebrities may be! Something like this would definitely make you feel special. On-demand hair service is a revolutionary idea that has just got the attention it deserves. Sometimes back, the privilege of at-home services was only limited to people of influence; it was the sole prerogative of the wealthy.

We live in an on-demand, instant gratification economy where consumers are excessively demanding. At Krisspi, we utilize the concurrent technological developments for democratizing hair cutting services and make it accessible for everyone. We bring salon services at a place of your convenience, whether it’s your home or office.

Being part of the service industry, we realize our responsibility to give our customers the best service and give them maximum value for our services. Krisspi was started with the idea of seeing things from the perspective of your customers and what they need.

Company Vision

In 2018, Derrick Butler & Mario Goins introduced the world to Krisspi Technologies Inc., an application-based company that provides haircuts on-demand to its customers. Think of it as “UBER” for your hair styling needs. Krisspi provides on-demand hair services to all customers who are looking for convenient yet affordable hair cutting options. Derrick Butler, Founder & CEO of Krisspi, had the vision to give people the convenience and flexibility in getting a proper haircut. His motivation comes from his personal experiences, whereas a working adult struggled to find a balance between his social, academic, and personal life.  Mario Goins, Co-Founder/CTO, was the technical mastermind behind the fantastic technology that powers the Krisspi Application.

No more waiting, no more delays.

The main idea behind Krisspi was to give the customers something better than what the traditional salons have to offer. With the technological advancements taking place and online services being provided in almost every industry, it was clear that there was a lot of untapped potential in the beauty industry.

The overall demand for personal appearance services is also increasing as it is getting easier for people to access them. The supply chain dynamics have also taken a change for the better, allowing on-demand service providers to deliver value at the same cost as in the salons.

At Krisspi, we analyze the concept even further to add quality to our services. It was evident that customers’ expectations from the beauty industry are very high, and they would only go for on-demand hair service when the service level is top-notch to ensure their satisfaction. To cater to this, we created an app where customers can choose not only the time and place but also their preferred hairstylists based on their ratings, experience, and customer feedback.

How Krisspi Helps Busy Professionals

There was no doubt that our service was mainly for hardworking professionals who were chasing their dreams and wanted to make it big. For all those aspiring professionals, having on-demand hair cutting services was a blessing. For any professional, time is very important, and anything that saves their time immediately grabs their attention.

Krisspi respects the career-oriented professionals, individuals who have love and dedication towards their work. Finding success in your career as a professional demand hard work and untiring efforts, and the two founding fathers of Krisspi understand that better than anyone else.

The idea behind Krisspi is to make people’s lives more comfortable, and that is what it does best. It meets the needs of busy professionals by giving them the freedom to get a haircut at a time that favors their schedule, offering them convenience – something they cannot get through traditional methods.

To get the hairstylist at your doorsteps, all they need to do is download the Krisspi App from their respective app stores. Select the time, enter the place, choose the hairstylist they want, and schedule the appointment. See, it’s exactly like “UBER.” It’s all about giving the client the control and flexibility of their time.

Today, Krisspi is located in six different cities all across the nation with a finished app for both iOS and Android for people to use conveniently. Butler & Goins plan on rolling out Krisspi in the top 100 cities nationwide.

Download the Krisspi App

To get the hairstylist at your doorsteps, all they need to do is download the Krisspi App from their respective app stores. Select the time, enter the place, choose the hairstylist they want, and schedule the appointment. See, it’s exactly like “UBER.” It’s all about giving the client the control and flexibility of their time.

Bottom Line

All in all, at Krisspi, we understand the value of your time and want to make sure that nothing should come in the way of you getting a professional haircut. Whether you are in college, a professional, or just someone who loves to look their best, we have something for everyone. Book an appointment with us and see for yourself what a professional haircut looks like. The next time you have to make hair appointments…don’t just get cut….get KRISSPI.

For more information contact KRISSPI at (844) KRISSPI (574-7774) or online at

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