The Carpenter Global Stock Advisory

Special Investors Report

July 2011

Discover How One Huge New Mine Could
Drive FOCUS GOLD’s Shares From Less Than $1
To Beyond $12.96 This Year — Page 3

Meet The Man Who Made $9,480 Dollars Every Minute of
Every Day Last Year… He Could Make Nearly $20,000 A Minute
This Year… You Need To Know His Secret, Now! — Page 11

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Discover Who Said This About Gold…
“I think we are likely to go into a
[gold] mania that’s going to be a
mania for the record books. It’s
going to be a super-bubble!”
~ Doug Casey

Learn About Ireland’s
Secret Gold Rush… And
FOCUS GOLD’S Potential To Mine
At Least 1.2 Million Ounces There —
Page 7