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New Fremont, California Pedestrian Accident Study

New Fremont, California Pedestrian Accident Study

Fremont, a city known for its amusing history and beautiful vistas, has many walkable neighborhoods. Nevertheless, pedestrians in the city are still at risk of accidents, especially when crossing busy intersections, because of careless drivers. A recent study takes a...

Is Living on Mars a Future Possibility?

Scientists have long been exploring the possibility of life on other planets and the ability of humans to live there one day too. There may come a time when earth is uninhabitable in many ways and having a backup planet to go to would be beneficial. In particular,...

Can Dogs Sense PTSD?

It’s safe to say that dogs are pretty incredible. According to a survey done by the American Veterinary Medical Association, there were around seventy-seven million dogs in American households at the end of 2016. To quote a cliché, dogs are “man’s best friend” and for...

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Man finds ancient mammoth bones in his wine cellar

Andreas Pernerstorfer was renovating his wine cellar in Gobelsburg, Austria when he made an astounding discovery. It wasn't vintage wine – it was the giant bones of an extinct mammoth that date back 30,000 to 40,000 years.He reported the bones to the Austrian...

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A vintage find: Man discovers mammoth bones in wine cellar

It wasn’t a vintage red or white, but vintage it was. A man renovating his wine cellar in Austria discovered mammoth remains from the prehistoric era.The find has been called “sensational” by the team at the Austrian Archaeological Institute of the Austrian Academy of...

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Some birds may use ‘mental time travel,’ study finds

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter.  is a freelance science writer based in Chicago who geeks out about zoology, thermodynamics and death.For more CNN news and newsletters create an account at CNN.com Article Attribution | Read More at Article Source...

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