Promotional products have been around for a very long time. You know, they are those free takeaway products that companies put their logo and name on and give away. A recent study shows proof that promotional products really do work to help promote branding, grow sales, and increase good will towards the company that gives them away. The research was conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association; they have been surveying promotional product recipients for several years and publishing the findings of the study.

Promotional Products Increase Sales

Promotional ProductsOut of the 1,000 people surveyed over half said that receiving a promotional product influences then to take action with the company. The action could be a sale, a sign up, or becoming a client. This indicates that giving a branded gift is more likely to product your desired result that other forms of advertising combined.

Promotional Product Recipients Feel More Appreciated

They survey shows that 64% of the respondents felt more appreciated by companies when they were given promotional products. Television, print, direct mail, and online advertising did not invoke the same reaction. People were not made to feel appreciated with the other forms of marketing or advertising.

 Promotional Products Invoke Loyalty

Customers and clients who receive promotional products felt more loyal to the company that gave them the branded gifts. Loyal customers are very important and a nice quality for companies to have. Not only does loyalty bring about repeat business, but it also can lead to brand advocacy and word of mouth advertising.

Research Details the Best Promotional Products to Use

The research also aimed to discover which types of promotional products, specifically, were the best for businesses to consider using. The following are the statistics collected on the types of products that were the most useful, memorable, and kept the longest.

 Which Branded Merchandiseis the Most Useful?

Survey results show the types of promotional products that the recipients felt were most useful:

  • USB Memory Stick 21%
  • Other Electrical Items 11%
  • Writing Instruments 10%
  • Mugs 8%
  • Home/ Household 7%
  • Stationary 7%

 Which Promotional Gifts Have the Most Longevity?

These types of promotional products were felt to have the most impact because of how long they were kept. Many stated that they kept promotional products for at least a year and 30% said they kept promotional merchandise for 3 or 4 years:

  • Mugs: 18%
  • USB Stick 15%
  • Pen 12%

 Which Promotional Products are More Memorable?

The survey takers recalled receiving the following types of promotional products within the last year:

  • 44% recall receiving a pen
  • 34% recall receiving a mug
  • 31% recall receiving a calendar
  • 22% recall receiving a USB stick
  • 18% recall receiving stationery

Businesses may often be unsure about what type of promotional product to give away. If you are looking for the right blend of pricing to meet your budget and a promotional product that is kept and useful to recipients,  is always available for consulting and finding the best promotional product for your campaign. It is important to find a product that has longevity and is useful to the recipients, but also something that is relevant to your business. Since there are such a wide variety of promotional products available now, this is much easier to achieve. Promotional products can help relay your message as well as your brand. Of course pens, mugs, umbrellas, and USB memory sticks are among the most popular promotional gifts; however, there are plenty of other options available if you want to find something that is more in line with your company culture, industry, or message. These types of products can include recycled materials, seeds or plants, or safety equipment.