Whether you are going to write a business letter or blog, an essay or an email, you need to make your needs as your goal so that you can meet them. The main aim is to respond clearly and straightforwardly to the interests and needs of your potential readers. You need to have all the essential skills, with which you can write a unique and engaging essay, whether to submit in the college or to post on the blog. If you lack behind the essay writing skills, then you must consider the below mentioned tips to improve easily:

Vary the sentence length

Generally, you make use of short sentences so that you can focus the main ideas in an easy and effective manner. It is highly recommended to start using the longest sentences in order to define, explain or illustrate the concepts. All you need to do is to vary the length of the sentences; you are going to create in an essay.

Lead to the core idea

It is a rule that it is important to use the main idea of a paragraph in the initial sentence, which is known as the topic sentence. Avoid keeping the readers guessing. You can do such things by understanding the assignment properly. You must start writing a three point five paragraph. A 3.5 paper is a kind of essay, which involves 5 paragraphs and 3 main points or ideas. You need to understand that the first paragraph serves as an introduction. And the second, second and fourth ones include one major idea or idea. In the last paragraph, you need to create a conclusion.

Vary structures and sentence types

You need to vary the types of sentences by involving occasional commands and questions. Moreover, it is also important to vary the structure of a sentence by mixing compound, simple and complex sentences. You must have a proper understanding of the basic rules of sentence structures.

Ideas and keyword placement

There is no need of including a main point in the center of a long sentence. If you want to emphasize keywords, you must place them at the starting or the end of a long sentence.

Use verbs, specific nouns and active verbs

Avoid overworking on the passive voice or verb forms. Rather than, you can make use of dynamic verbs in the active-voice sentences. Furthermore, you can convey the message properly and keep your readers feel engaged with the proper use of specific and concrete words, which show what you want to explain.

Avoid repetition of words or phrases

Avoid including the repetitive sentences while writing an essay.  Repetitive sentences make your readers feel bored. When you include the same words or sentences in an essay, a reader will see it as a symbol of laziness. In order to improve the writing skills, you need to eliminate the repetitive phrase or word from the essay. You can hire a professional to know about how to write custom essays professionally at customwritings.com. They suggest you about the best tips to write a unique essay to engage the readers.