Celebrities drivers are no different than us “common” drivers, the only differences are they smash up more expensive cars, get a slap on the wrist instead of a DWI and they give out autographs when they should be getting traffic tickets. With that said let’s take a look of some of the worst celebrity drivers and you’ll see why they desperately need to attend one or several dozen traffic schools.

Celeb Drivers

Britney Spears

The pop princesses’ hit song “Oops I did it again” has more than one meaning, in this case it’s the amount of cars she has backed into, scraped, scratched, and dinged including her own car. The worse and scariest “Oops” was driving with her infant son Sean sitting on her lap, no a seatbelt was not used. Some of her other driving violations include; running over a police officers foot, hitting a paparazzo, a few minor accidents and a hit and run. What do you think would traffic school help Brittany?

Billy Joel

While there is no doubt the beloved “Piano Man” can entertain an audience like few others – he couldn’t drive wheelbarrow if his life depended on it. Not only has he wiped out the trees and bushes in front of his own home, he’s taken out several trees belonging to his friends and neighbors. Then of course there was the time he by passed the trees and drove in a home in 2004! However, the trees and house along with several other accidents don’t come close to the Grammy Award accident – He managed to destroy a Citroën 2CV a car that is dubbed most un-crashable car ever made. Personally, I don’t think traffic school would help the music legend much but who knows.

Lindsay Lohan

What can we say about LILO? Despite her drug and alcohol problems, when she is clean she is a good actress. The once adorable little girl who played twins in the movie “The Parent Trap”, then moved on to starring roles in “Mean Girls”, “Georgia Rule”, and several other movies and TV guest spots. Well, she drives as well as she walks when she’s drunker than skunk. Unfortunately, a lot of Lindsay’s very bad driving events occurred when she was drug or high. The most memorable ones being – the time she drove her car into the back of an 18- wheeler and the other involved a woman who called the Santa Monica police, stating Lohan was chasing her and trying to run her down with her car. Lindsay was drunk, high on cocaine and driving with a suspended license. Traffic school for Lindsay? Maybe she should go with a personal driver instead!

Amanda Bynes

Once a sweet up and coming actress who starred in movies such as “She’s the Man” and “Big Fat Liar” doesn’t seem to have very good luck when it comes to driving or the police. In nearly every month of 2012 she had some sort of driving mishap. She was involved in two hit and runs, luckily no one was injured in fact, during one of the accidents she wasn’t even aware she had hit another car. How do you side swipe a moving vehicle and not notice? She is also a big fan of texting and driving, rear-ending other cars, cutting other drivers off and causing accidents, hopping the curbs of the San Fernando valley, DUIs and DWIs and once she even left while a police officer was in his car writing her a ticket! I’m going to have to say she should not be behind the wheel of anything with a motor.

Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer, played the longest running character in TV history, for 21 years he was better known as Dr. Fraiser Crane. While his personal life has certainly given him reason enough to drink, with the murder of his sister, 4 failed marriages, and health problems to boot. His drinking has also caused him a lot of grief he has had several mishaps while driving, it’s said he has a foot made of lead and on several occasions has damaged other vehicles and left the seen. The mishap that puts him in the bad driving category was his 1996 car accident – when he flipped his 1996 red viper he was unharmed however, the accident did get him a DWI and sadly it was not his first nor his last.

It seems celebrities are in as much need or perhaps even more need of traffic school and defensive driving classes than us ordinary folks are. However, traffic schools, or defensive driving courses are available to you if you’ve received a moving traffic violation or want to earn a discount on your car insurance. If you’ve received a traffic ticket, your state’s county traffic court may allow you to complete traffic school to dismiss the citation and avoid having points added to your driving record. If you decide to enroll in traffic school voluntarily, your car insurance provider may award you with a safe driver discount.