Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Supplements

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Health Featured

Out of all the hormones inside the human body, human growth hormone (commonly referred to as HGH), is the one that is the most important since it is responsible for cell growth stimulation. The pituitary gland is the one that secretes it and when problems appear, the entire body ends up being affected.

When referring to children, HGH secretion is a lot higher. This is due to the fact that the body of a child is growing at a fast rate so more support is necessary. When we age, lesser HGH hormone quantities are generated since the body does not need too much of the hormone. Proteins inside the hormone will help the child to grow bigger and taller. When referring to adults, HGH is responsible for making people look younger and feeling more energetic.

There is a necessity to have moderate HGH levels inside our body so that the hormone can be safe and effective. When amounts are excessive, it can lead towards various diseases like type II diabetes, pituitary gigantism or pituitary tumors. According to data highlighted by, pituitary tumors have symptoms that include impaired vision, hormone deficiency and headaches.

Obviously, one of the disadvantages of using HGH supplementation is associated with taking too much. That would lead towards the possibility offending up with one of the conditions mentioned above. That is definitely something that you do not want to be faced with.

At the same time, when an HGH deficiency appears, the body is negatively affected and supplementation can help to reduce the negative symptoms that appear. The situation is specifically problematic in the event that HGH deficiency is present in children. We are faced with weak bone structure and even muscle mass. Energy levels are always going to be lower. This is something that has to be solved or the child will not be able to grow properly.

A pituitary gland injury is usually the cause of the growth hormone deficiency. Brain injuries can also cause that since signals for proper hormone secretion would be impaired.

Besides associated conditions, we also have injectable HGH being used as:

  • Anti aging substance
  • A supplementation for athletes to improve performance
  • A treatment for height shortness, obesity, multiple sclerosis or Chron’s disease

It is really important that you understand the fact that both advantages and disadvantages are associated with using HGH supplementation. Because of this, you need to be really careful when you use such products. Many of those that you find in online stores are not regulated so you cannot actually know what to expect in the event that you do not conduct a proper research ahead of time.

The best thing that you could do is work with doctors that have a lot of experience in dealing with HGH supplements. Doctors should monitor your progress in order for you to be sure that everything is going properly. It is always best to take supplementation only in the event that you actually need it. Such a determination cannot be done without the proper tests.

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