How To Avoid House and Car Lockouts?

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Education Feature

lock1Have you ever been locked out of the house, or lost your keys somewhere? We all sometimes find ourselves in situations that cannot be solved easily and require immediate solution. Some solutions can be provided only by qualified professionals. While doctors, policemen and firefighters might be the most obvious examples of such professions, the importance of the locksmith profession should not be underestimated. Many locksmith technicians work around the clock, in order to give a helping hand to local customers, whenever there is a need to do so.

Although the locksmith industry consists mainly of small businesses that operate locally, there are some companies that manage to grow bigger and expand their service areas significantly. Locksmith Services is one of these companies, which started as a small local business and nowadays provides a nationwide coverage. They offer a wide range of automotive, residential and commercial security solutions to their customers. These services are provided by a rather large crew of mobile technicians, who need as little as just 20 minutes in order to reach a client’s address.



When do you need a locksmith?

There are many different situations that require the involvement of a locksmith. Some of the most popular of them are the following:

  • If you locked your car keys inside the vehicle and you neither know how to unlock the car, nor have any tools that could help you at hand. Needless to say, if it’s important for you to keep the car door or trunk free of scratches, the use of a locksmith service should be your top choice.
  • When a residential key is forgotten inside the house. This is another typical situation, when it’s better to let a specialist do what he does best and spare yourself the time and the hassle that is needed in order to get into the house on your own.
  • When a car key gets lost or broken, there are 2 available options – either to let your dealership handle the problem, or call a mobile locksmith, who can make a replacement key for your vehicle. The latter option is usually a cheaper and a faster solution.

Security tips – How to avoid house and car lockouts

Many cases when a locksmith service is needed can be easily prevented. Although issues like a car or house lockout tend to emerge out of nowhere, when they are absolutely unexpected, some preventive action can spare you the need to call for help.


  • Keep a spare copy of your home key – If you have at least one reliable neighbour, it’s better to let that neighbour keep your spare set of keys. Should you lock yourself out of your house when that neighbour is around, you will be able to open your door right away and get back to your schedule, as if nothing happened to begin with.
  • Use a reminder – If you tend to leave your house at the same time every day – schedule a reminder in your phone about putting keys in your bag, or simply put a sign near the door. This trick could save you a lot of trouble and create a healthy habit, at which point you probably won’t need the reminder anymore.
  • Keep an air wedge at hand – This might seem like an extra-safety measure, but people who have a tendency to forget their keys inside their car actually carry an air wedge in their bag, to be able to open the car’s door without calling a locksmith every time. This is not as difficult as it sounds, just look it up on YouTube.

Try these simple tips at home (and in your car) – because it’s always better to stay on the safe side.

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