It might seem to be a strange notion to the inexperienced people but purchasing a good and awesome pair of binoculars needs a tad bit of knowledge and research on their part. Just like any other gadget that you buy, a high quality pair of binoculars will offer you images with much better quality than buying them from a cheap store for saving your dollars. With the advancement of technology, binoculars have also modernized and improved in quality. However, there are still certain specific qualities that you should look for in a pair of binoculars before investing in it.

For all those passionate hunters binoculars are certainly their new hunting optics. This year’s list of rangefinders, riflescopes, spotting scopes and binocularsdemonstrate finer glass with more tenacious construction and a focus on offering the best possible optics that current engineering can offer people. Check out the new hunting optics for all those passionate hunters.

  1. Burris Predator Quest: Burris’ brand new Predator Quest 4.5-14*42mm scope has the capability of making small tasks like targeting even the fastest leopard on the field. This particular binocular type has been designed for the fast, prompt and long range shots. With its new launch, the Predator Quest eliminated the adjustable objective lens and it now includes a low-profile side focus for all those easy parallax adjustments here and there. The Predator Quest has a threaded ARD or an Anti-Reflection Device that helps in reducing lens glare while still allowing a huge amount of light to reach your eye even in low light conditions.
  2. Bushnell Elite:For the year 2015, Bushnell introduced this new range of Elite riflescopes, named the Elite 4500. This particular model features the RainGuard HD technology and it is blessed with all the capabilities, so much so that it will allow you to strike with the best precision even during the most precarious hunting situations. When you utilize the Ultra Wide Band Coating, this Elite4500 performs too well even in low light conditions just as it does in favorable weather and light conditions. This scope has the power of delivering a 94% light transmission and it is fully waterproof.
  3. Bushnell Elite 1 MileCONX: Did you know that Bushnell’s new Elite 1 Mile CONX has the ability to wirelessly communicate with your mobile device so that you can get undivided accuracy even up to 1760 yards. This model configures to Android and iOS Platforms to offer angle, range and grip on to values in the palm of your hand. Users can easily load up to three ballistic curves within their smartphones in order to get quick and prompt target acquisition.
  4. Leica GEOVID HD: Leica is that brand which is still innovating itself or is trying to develop in the laser rangefinder periphery with their introduction of GEOVID HD-R 42. It featured an open-bridge design and its optics system and the immensely popular laser rangefinder technology promises to make Leica one of the easiest devices to use when it comes to using binoculars for hunting. Its simple interface promptly switches between meters or yards by the simple press of a button. This model also has angle compensation for 10 yards till 600 yards.
  5. Leupold BX: You must have heard of the latest Leupold if you’re passionate about hunting and binoculars but the BX 3 just got better. You can now get this model with Kryptek Typhon durable rubber coatings and it has been said that Leupold went straightaway to the experts for help while designing this new model. This is a lightweight binocular that features an open bridge system and dons an extra-low dispersion lens. This is now available in 10*42mm and 8*42mm.
  6. ATN BinoX-HD 4-16X – According to ATN corp promo page it is Day and night Binocular with a camera for HD video and photos, compass, velocity and altitude detector, smooth zoom till 16X and an image stabilization system to reduce “shaking pictures”. Its costs less than a $ 500, which made it the chipset binocular in our list. Taking into account all features that ATN announced, its can be an effective way to get a digital binoculars with camera for hunting or bird watching.

Range Finders – The latest advancements in binocular technology

According to the opinions of the experts, one of the best advancements in the technology of binoculars is the range finder feature. They’re made with infrared lasers built within them so that no matter how far the object is from you, you can get a clear view of it. If you want to be alerted for some potentially dangerous animal, you can keep a pretty safe distance from it by using such binoculars. There are indeed a multitude of things that you need to take into account while picking a binocular and you should ensure considering them so as to choose the best one in the market with the best benefits.

So, for any further information aboutATN binoculars, you can get more details here Weigh your decisions and consider the pros and cons of each kind of binocular so that you don’t commit a blunder while investing a huge amount of your dollars. Also take good care of it as it is one of your lifetime purchases.