Use of linear actuators is becoming a common trend in most office workplaces. The workplace environment is characterized by a collection of different people working under the same conditions. Given this, the need to make employees comfortable at work has facilitated innovations in a many areas. The designs for new and modernised office incorporate the recent and most advanced technologies in today’s world. One of the most widely applied innovations are electric actuators, which are installed to ensure activities run smoothly without any glitch in the office.

Ergonomics is a concept that is focused to make comfort as part of the office routine. IT services have been in the frontline to ensure this has been implemented. For this reason, ideal electronics are being designed to ensure comfort in the office. Linear motion actuators have also been used in coming up with designs to make an ideal ergonomic workstation. Productivity in the office is high when employees have morale for work. The integration of linear actuators in the workplace will aid in providing an appropriate environment, boosting the morale of employees.

Linear Actuartors 1

Adoption of linear technology in the workplace

Each workstation that has been setup and is ergonomically ideal uses linear technology in the organization of equipment that are used by employees in the office. The use of linear actuators in the workstation has introduced chairs, desks and tables that are adjustable through their connection to the central controller unit.  Similar to the remote control of gadgets, the control unit can raise, fold or lower the adjustable equipment in the office remotely. Comfort is generated from the use of actuators through the adjustments made on the lighting shone on desks and when information boards receive adjustments.

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Workstation environment

Apart from lighting and equipment adjustments, the office needs to have enough ventilation and security. This is achieved through the use of linear actuators. This is done by remotely opening and closing of curtain raisers as well as windows by the control unit of the system. Further, office ventilation is controlled by the motion of fans through the use of linear actuators. A central control location is set within the workstation, which serves as the main point of ventilation control in the office. Also, control can be done manually through manual switches. The installation of light doors within the office is another means of regulating motion within the office.

Control of equipment

Linear Actuartors 3

The office forms the location for conducting meetings as well as other functions. Linear actuators have made this more efficient through the use of designs that incorporate modern technology. Some of the uses of linear actuators include presentations and stands for photographing equipment, projectors and televisions for display. The arrangement and look of the office become unique as the equipment now sit in the ideal positions. Also, movement within the meeting should be minimal. This is made possible through the use of movable display units. Linear motion systems, therefore, provide a stable in the office which has in one way or another improved overall productivity.


Linear motion technology not only provides comfortable working environments, but also increases workforce productivity. Movement is reduced as the equipment are adjustable and controlled through a central location. Given this, linear motion technology should be adopted in the workplace to ensure workers get the best as they offer their best.