More than 30% of the world’s population is suffering from caries

by | Oct 17, 2015 | Health Featured

Insufficient care for the dental health and fear of dentists is affecting more than 2 billion people around the world. If these problems are not treated in a timely manner or at all, tooth decay can cause some serious problems.

According to the latest statistics, more than 2.4 out of 7 billion people in the world have fear of the dentist. The same statistics show that this is the number of people who are suffering from some kind of dental health problems. Each year, dentists report more than 200 million new cases of diseases related to teeth which is a very high number for this type of health issues.

Caries or tooth decay that is not treated in time can result in husking teeth, infections, abscesses, inflammation, pain and many other health issues. If something like this happens during childhood, this can lead to negative effects in the process of development while in adults it can lead to reduced productivity and absence at work.

Professor Wagner Marsenes from the Queen Mary University in London has pointed out that experts in the last two decades have analyzed more than 250 scientific studies, which have involved more than 4 billion people. This research has shown that parents are afraid to help their children who are suffering from caries.

More than 600 million children are not treated even though they have spoiled milk teeth. Most parents think that these teeth are temporary and they just wait until the teeth are replaced with permanent teeth. The truth is that fixing the problem that occurs in our teeth is one of the best ways to protect dental and overall health because in this way you will protect your body from the spread of bacteria that can lead to different infections and diseases. On the other hand, experts from the University of Buffalo have confirmed that individuals that have excess bacteria in their oral cavity are more prone to heart attacks.

This is shocking information that suggests that prevention and healing of caries should not be neglected. We are dealing with huge global health issue.  Of course, there are regions where people have realized the importance of good oral health and it is no surprise why people there are constantly looking for good dentists over the Internet. For instance, dentist mobile al was one of the most researched online terms related to health in Alabama last year.

It doesn’t really matter if we are talking about developed or third world countries because the data is disappointing everywhere. For example, about 30% of the population of the United Kingdom does not repair their teeth. In Russia this percentage is up to 70%. The situation is similar in the United States where caries is a widespread problem and the most common chronic disease in both adolescents and children.

Dentists warn that the reason for such a poor state is the insufficient dental hygiene, but there are many other factors that are considered responsible for the occurrence of some other serious diseases. Poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking are some of these reasons. For instance, it has been confirmed that smoking is responsible for almost half of all periodontal diseases. Another huge problem are carbonated drinks which contain many artificial sweeteners and sugars that lead to a number of dental problems including caries in children under the age of 12. They lower the pH value in the mouth which results in enamel degradation and occurrence of cavities.

Finally, tooth loss is usually the last stage of dental diseases, when prevention and conservative methods of treatment can no longer help. On the other hand, dental caries can be treated very easy if people visit their dentist in the early stage.





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