Decorating a small room is always a bit of a challenge; yet, with a little bit of patience and attention to detail, it is always possible to make the most out of the smallest rooms. Here are some ideas on stands for TV for small space that might come in handy while working on a compact living room — or any other room where you plan to install the TV:

Functional TV Stand Shapes to Consider

When it comes to shapes, there are some of the best shapes for a small room:

Narrow low standing stands — while looking for a TV stand for small space, room shape is often even more important than the square meters. If it is long and narrow, for example, a low standing TV cabinet is one of the best ideas for the room.

Corner stands — if the room is squarish, a corner TV stand might prove to be some of the most space efficient solutions. There are corner stands with shelves and stands with cabinets. The latter ones will, of course, give your room storage capacity a boost.

Compact hi-fi models — hi-fi models with just a couple of shelves are available both in linear and corner assemblies. They are usually more than enough to accommodate all of your media units and may even leave some space for the trinkets.

TV mounts — these types of TV stand for small space will not offer you any additional storage capacity — a shelf or two might sometimes be included into the piece, but this is not always the case. Yet, TV mounts offer a very functional solution for a really compact room.

TV brackets — and, of course, one of the best TV stand for small space ideas are TV brackets. They do not require any functional room space at all, which is a perfect means of avoiding furniture clutter.

Tips On Making The Measurements Right

Do not forget about the height — while the actual TV stand dimensions are very important, you should not forget about the optimal TV stand height. While height adjustable mounts generally offer a flexible approach, all other stands require figuring out the height in advance. The best way would be to place the TV a little above your eye level.

Make sure to consider TV frame in your calculations — also, do not forget that all TV models indicate screen diagonal that does not include TV frame into the account. So, if you are looking for the closest fit possible, do not forget to consider TV frame in your calculations.

Always double check your measurements — the final word of advice would be to double check all of your calculations, especially when it comes to width and length of the piece. Also, take some time to consider the optimal distance from your soft furniture — this will help you to figure out the best spot for a TV stand.

For more ideas on TV stand for small space, take a look at the following tips. And, when you start choosing, try sticking to the local stores — chances are, the delivery will happen a lot sooner, and it might even be possible to check the piece out in a showroom.