Gospel for Asia is the most renowned Christian authorised NGO that has been offering help to women and people of rural areas of Asia. Based in Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, the main aim of this missionary is to support indigenous missions to “share the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost men, women and children throughout South Asia.”

The organizations has been working in different countries including India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Laos and Thailand. Completely exempted from taxation, the organisation has been getting good funding  that can people of Asia in all areas.

It has involved itself into much missionary work that involves:

  • Reaching out victims of natural disasters
  • Serving in leprosy colonies
  • Offering medical services for poor people


The NGO works with the vision of forming Asian missionaries and to offer enough help to people in rural areas of Asia. GFA also encourages financial support to Christians in Asia, by building more than 50 Bible colleges in various Asian countries.

Some of the general information of Gospel for Asia are:

  • Serving humanity by caring homeless, victims of disaster and children in need of education
  • Sharing the love of Christ in Asia
  • Is working for rural people of China, Nepal, India, UK, US, Germany, Burma, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and others.
  • Is entirely a religious NGO and isn’t into political controversy

In broader way, the NGO doesn’t believe in forced conversion that has impacted many Christian in the Asian countries.  There are other things which GFA believe:

  • All living things are created by God
  • Religious discrimination is wrong
  • All forms of religious fanaticism causes damages. All human beings have god given freedom
  • Word of God is the final authority for faith and conduct

Free Resources for GFA believers:

People can find encouragement seeded by GFA through various ways. One can check out PPTs and videos for Asia in form of:

  • Books and PDFs
  • MP3
  • Videos
  • Women’s Books
  • No Longer a Slumdog- Free Book

Gospel for Asia has also involved into various missionary work like:

  • Reaching out victims of natural disasters
  • Serving in leprosy colonies
  • Offering medical services for poor people

Helping Asian Rural People for Long Term:

Though GFA has been under criticism for its social cause and has been blamed for forced conversion and financial prosperity. However, the NGO has been working hard to provide rural Asian people all the rights for good life in terms of education, home and other rights for normal life. It also works through compassion service to help natural disaster victims to offer normal life.

Gospel for Asia does its best to offer helping hands for  rural people of Asia in all terms and preach Christians about love and humanity.