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by | Aug 22, 2016 | Jobs Featured

Success in life is not for people who cannot sacrifice anything to achieve their goal. Doing a research on the past life of successful people (who made it to the top) will make you realize that how much they have struggled and sacrificed to achieve their goal. If you have read the interesting facts about many successful people, you will realize that, in the initial stages of their life, were really very ordinary people without any reputable social status, but they were simple, honest and highly dedicated towards their goal. The major quality that could differentiate them from rest of the crowd was having concern for others, and not worrying at all about their own self and their own comforts. And it is rightly said that unless a person has concern for others he doesn’t deserve the throne of a king, as the life of a king is to serve its kingdom honestly without any discrimination and selfishness.

Most people think that these motivational lectures and writings doesn’t help to make a successful career and they want to be more practical in life. For example, if you want to make a career in real estate the practical way to approach is to get all the required theoretical knowledge from any reputable resource and proceed according to that. Such resource may be good to show you the right direction or path but what about the moral values which doesn’t come from the books? Morality is something that comes from your own discretion. But the truth is that some people don’t have discretion and they don’t even realize this throughout their life. They may be an expert in memorizing the theoretical knowledge, but they fail miserably when it comes to applying that theoretical knowledge in the real world situation. This is only due to lack of discretion and morality.

Even if you have become a real estate agent by acquiring the required theoretical knowledge, still you may end up with either a con artist yourself or you may suffer due to dealing with a real estate con artist if you don’t have morality and discretion. When you are simply preparing for the exams, you may not know about such things at all, but later on, this will come to haunt you in your career if you do not have that required morality along with the theoretical knowledge. Infect I would say discretion is even more important than the bookish knowledge. If you can do the research on the life of successful people, you will find many of them didn’t even complete their higher education (theoretical knowledge). They were successful simply because they had concern for others and had moral values in them. They had that quality to impress others from their righteous and honest behaviour.

So it’s a fact that moral values are most important for a successful career but it is hard for people to stick to honest behaviour as they become impatient when they don’t earn that quick money. But such people need to realize that you need to be first known as a person of high moral values in the social or business community, than only people would like to make bigger deals with you. So patience is the key in order to establish yourself first as an authoritative person, with honest behaviour, before you start thinking of making big money. You need to understand that it may be that you hardly make any money in the first 5 years of starting your career but it could even make you a million dollar in the 6th year of your career provided you stick to your moral values and principles. This is the biggest secret of success and not just theoretical knowledge acquired through different books.

Another important quality that could enhance your discretion is chastity. That is the reason I said self-sacrifice is important in career as chastity is all about self-sacrifice. If you need that willpower and enthusiasm to gain success earlier in life self-sacrifice or chastity is definitely the way to go. Hope that helps.

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