Interesting Myths About Religion You May Not Know

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Religion Featured

Religion while meaningful to individuals, is often the source of conflict and disagreement throughout the world. A possible cause of such conflict is that people believe a lot of myths and falsehoods perpetuated against various religious groups. Here are some interesting myths that some believe to be true –yet in reality, are completely false.

The bible prohibits gambling

This is simply not the case. The bible is often said to prohibit certain activities, but you need to dig a little deeper and not take these assertions at face value. The bible only talks about the dangers of loving money, more than loving G-d. But playing online casino games at an online casino found at -the best source of good casino reviews, does not mean that you love money more than you love god. Just as it is possible for someone who has never played casino games to covet money and not have respect for G-d. All in all, there is no evidence in the bible that suggests gambling is bad –it is a fun activity you can engage in, just make sure that you maintain a good spiritual relationship with G-d.

Jews do not believe in the bible

Many people continue to think that Jews do not believe in the bible; but this could not be further from the truth. Jews follow the old-testament exclusively, while Christian follow the old as well as the new testament. This means that Jews and Christians share one holy book in common, which means both religions share a lot of the same values and rules that are found within the old testament.

Atheism and Agnosticism are the same

People often use the terms ‘atheist’ and ‘agnostic’ interchangeably, but in fact, they refer to two completely different things. Someone who is an atheist feels completely sure that a g-d does not exist. On the other hand, someone who is agnostic believes that there is not sufficient truth to either confirm or deny the existence of G-d, and therefore they doubt His existence, but do not outright deny it.

The Devil’s birthday is on Halloween

Some Christians claim that Halloween is the Devil’s birthday, but this is not true. The Devil was not born on earth. In addition, there would not have been a calendar with 365 days on which to mark his birthday, so it is highly unlikely that Halloween is the Devil’s birthday.

Muslims do not believe in Jesus

Muslims do believe that Jesus existed –and that he was a prophet. However, they differ from Christians in so far as they believe that he was not the messiah, and that Mohammed was the final and last prophet sent by G-d.

Chanukah is the ‘Jewish Christmas’

This is a major myth that many believe. Chanukah is often touted as the ‘Jewish Christmas’ because they often happen to be close in date. However, while Christmas follows the Western calendar and will always fall on 25th December, Chanukah is based off the Lunar calendar, and will thus differ in date each year.


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