3 Trend Skills For Recruiter In 2017

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Jobs Featured

A few years ago the concept of recruitment as a profession was very blurry. Recruitment functional was often combined with the position of HR or just the staff manager, and the very process of recruiting was paid not a lot of time in the employment process. The main goal was to determine whether a candidate was suitable to the desired position, whether he corresponds to the skills required, and whether it will cover the result of future investments costs of hiring and training. Today, the number of companies and the primary information about the candidates have grown so much that recruiting was separated from all other professions and has become original. Let’s see, who is the recruiter, what skills he must possess in order to perform all functions properly.

 Statistical analysis and data mining

In the current labor market conditions, the information about candidates in databases is growing at an alarming rate. In the past year, the labor market has seen robust job growth at an average rate of about 226,000 new jobs per month (Center for American Progress). The concept of the Big Date is no longer an instrument that is operated by marketers and IT-specialists. For example, such recruitment platform as Entelo, SignalHire, TalentBin, JobJet unite all the information about the candidates and their skills are drawn from various social networks and databases. The experience of using the platforms and exchanges is the first thing that should determine professional recruiters. Without the technology and the ability to sort a large number of resumes of the candidate, the selection process could drag on for months. The possession of tech platforms and analysis of the labor market are the main advantages among its competitors.

Recruiter is HR or Sale

In the struggle to obtain the best candidate on the market for your company, the recruiter turns into the universal soldier.  The understanding of the psychology and motivation of a potential employee is definitely the right skills. But when it comes to «Ready to switch» candidate, the recruiter turns into a real sales manager. For example, SignalHire analytics tool helps to determine the basis of the candidate in a competitor company who are ready to move. When building an attractive job offer and interviewing the candidate recruiter must show all the benefits of the employer and describe the company’s brand from the best sides. Here come the skills of sales. The recruiter must be able to write more engaging emails, easily share a compelling EVP, give undivided attention to candidates and provide memorable candidate experience and follow-up.

 Personal motivation and responsibility

The recruiter is the first link in the construction of cooperation with the candidate for your company. He begins the process of involving the candidate and determines, in fact, a further development of the business. It all starts with the Human Resources that can both bring a lot of income and hurt your business. A professional recruiter must understand the whole process of searching the right responsible candidate, and not just try to be on time and to close the opened position. The personal qualities and involvement in corporate culture is certainly a factor that will determine the ideal recruiter to attract employees and build a strong business team.

The current trends make it difficult to keep up and become a strong candidate for the job market. The recruiter should be 2 steps ahead in order to find that ideal candidate. Therefore, in 2017 the development of technological skills, intelligence and working with Big Data are the first things that should be on the list of the professional recruiter. Such the affairs and platforms as www.signalhire.com are able to become excellent assistance in the hiring process.


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