5 Top Slack Integrations

by | Jan 28, 2017 | Technology Featured

Tired of logging into your Gmail or Outlook account, attaching a file, staring at the screen while it loads, typing a smart and catchy subject and sending it to your coworkers?

The amount of time it takes is unbelievable when you barely have time to look at yourself in the mirror!

In this era where time is of the essence, each minute counts. Thanks to the masterminds behind the staple of our lives that we call technology, we can now save some and make more efficient use of it!

What is Slack?

In the most precise terms, Slack is a messaging app. But there’s more to it!

Whether you’re a part of a big organization and sitting in your office or you’re a freelancer/home-based worker continuously giving orders to your workers, you need Slack to cut you some slack from all the hassle of logging into an e-mail account and forwarding an attachment by adding every single worker’s e-mail address while trying not to forget mentioning someone and then, receiving individual replies and not being able to have an instant group chat.

The best part? It is completely free!

Here our top 5 slack apps

Google Drive: You can integrate your Google Drive account with Slack and just drop your files in it for later use or to connect with your team members.

QCONF: Sometimes, important and detailed queries need to be answered in person. Launch online meeting right from your slack channel. QCONF slack integration let you immediately create audio conferencing bridge using /qconf.

Marker: If your job requires taking screenshots (from social media or anywhere else), use Marker to prevent yourself from losing the screenshots and also sharing them with co-workers who are directly connected to your work.

Mention: Add this app to your Slack and watch what is being said about any company on the internet. This will not only give you consumer reviews about competitors, it will also help you analyze your market status and where you need improvements!

Stop, Breathe & Think: If you believe that taking a few minutes each day to feel calm is important as regular exercise than that’s the app for you. A free mindfulness and meditation bot that helps teams work at their best. It is simple, fun and easy to use.

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