Most Common Injuries Suffered After Car Accidents

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Health Featured

Traffic accidents bring in the most common of all the personal injury cases all around the world. The commonly met car accidents include side collisions, rollovers, rear-end collisions and head-on collisions. What many do not understand is that an extensive legal action normally follows the car accidents that do not involve just property damage. This includes motorcycle accidents, knockdown accidents, pedestrian accidents, DUI driving, truck accidents and bus accidents. Most of the cases that are covered by involve injuries people did not even know they could have after an accident like whiplash.

Generally speaking, we have the following main categories of common injuries that are going to happen when involved in a car accident.

Limb Injuries

The most common of the limb injuries will involve fractures, tears and sprains. It is possible that limb injuries will negatively affect life quality for as long as you live. It is really important to think about how your life is affected by the injury to determine if the car accident attorney will be needed. You should know that in most situations you are going to need specialist help.

Soft Tissue Injuries

In this case we talk about internal organs like kidneys, heart, liver and lungs. Any puncture that happens in these organs is going to have serious consequences. Most are actually life-threatening.


Whiplash is a type of injury that deserves its own special category. We say this because in so many cases the injured party does not actually know that the injury appeared. Whiplash happens as the body stops and the head keeps moving. The neck can be negatively affected and it is really important to get medical treatment as soon as possible. Whiplash symptoms are permanent or temporary. In many situations they will be painful. Daily functioning is almost always limited, leading to a lower quality of life.

Getting Help After The Car Accident

No matter whether or not the car accident injury is minor or major, the most important thing to remember is that you have to go to the doctor. Tests have to be done in order to identify the injuries that do not instantly show symptoms, like the above mentioned whiplash. You should always take some time to focus on all the options available while seeing if legal help will be necessary.

If you have been injured by the actions of someone else, a personal injury claim has to be filed. With car accidents it is a certainty that the insurance companies will be involved. As soon as this happens and an offer is made, you want to contact a car accident attorney since it is a huge possibility you are going to be given an amount that is a lot less than what should be reality. Be sure that you are serious about the choice you will make. In most cases people hurry and just choose the very first personal injury attorney they find. You should not do this. Always be sure you are going to be helped by someone that has a high reputation and a great success rate.

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