Online Gambling Sponsorship in Sport

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Sports Featured

Sports and gambling has a relationship that goes back a long way and it is only natural to see the two so closely intertwined in the technologically modern world that we live in today.

The Internet has most certainly contributed to the growth of sport as well as popularity of online gambling over the past few years and these two powerful forces have combined very effectively for their respective benefits. Here are some facts about how online gambling sponsorship has influenced the world of sport –

  1. €100 invested in United Kingdom Sports by the betting sector

It is well known that online gambling and sports are among the United Kingdom’s favourite pastimes and there is understandably a lot of money involved in both sectors.

The English Premier League in particular, enjoys legions of fans from all around the world and betting companies have been keen on taking advantage of such popularity, spending a whopping €80 million into football and the remaining €20 million in other sports such as horse racing and snooker among others.

The staggering numbers are largely due to the rise in online gambling over the past few years and especially as a result of the promotion of in-play betting and live odds, which can be done through the internet. Many online casinos are also investing in the Premier League with casino brands like Fruity King & Mansion Casino pursuing sponsorship deals.

  1. Premier League team’s strong bonds with online betting companies

While Premier League teams receiving sponsorship from betting companies remains a controversial topic, many have gone on to welcome such a partnership in recent times and there now no less than 10 sides whose principal sponsors are online gambling organizations.

The likes of Bournemouth, West Ham United, West Bromwich Albion, Sunderland, Stoke City, Swansea City, Hull City, Burnley, Crystal Palace and Watford all receive funding from betting websites which are based in countries such as Gibraltar, Malta, China, Philippines and even Kenya.

  1. United States companies also getting into the act

The tough laws against online gambling in the United States have eased up in recent times and currently many leagues and teams in the North American nation are being sponsored by betting companies.

FanDuel struck an agreement with the National Basketball Association (NBA) back in 2015, while Darft Kings have set their sights on the lucrative English Premier League, having announced partnerships with Arsenal, Liverpool and Watford.

Even betting companies from the United Kingdom are returning the favour, with London based Perform sponsoring the NBA and UK’s Sport Integrity Monitor striking a deal with Major League Baseball.

  1. Potential governmental clamp down

Sports is undoubtedly popular among the youth in England and with children being openly exposed to betting sites’ aggressive advertisement, the United Kingdom government is now said to be planning a clampdown on the industry’s advertising on daytime TV.

A spokesman for The Department for Culture, Media and Sports was recently quoted saying, “We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of existing gambling controls and will take further action if necessary.”

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