Tasty Vegan Diet for Veggie Enthusiasts of all Levels

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Health Featured

(Going completely vegan will help you learn and appreciate more about food and health. You will discover new and better nutritional opportunities that you weren’t aware of, or just too ignorant to notice!)

Initially, a vegan diet may seem like a daunting task, but if you give it the right amount of effort while still maintaining your full composure, going 100% vegetarian can be accomplished overnight. There are tons of luscious vegan recipes to choose from for every meal; absolutely no food restrictions!

Did you just discover that you are not eating the right food? Well, you are in luck! Our vegan diet plan below is designed for vegans of all levels or people who just want to tweak their day-to-day diet by trying something new.

What do I lose?

From a nutritionist point of view, there’s everything to gain in becoming a vegan. However, you will have to avoid all animal products. Honey, rennet-based cheese, and animal product based food dyes are a no-go zone. Read your labels carefully when doing your shopping.

What a vegan diet does for you

Although our reasons for adopting this diet could be different, it all narrows down to one question; does it make you feel happy and wholesome every day?  It is something more than just saving the number of animals sacrificed to meet your food cravings.

A diet free from animal products will significantly lower the risks of obesity, diabetes, coronary complications, certain cancers, and help reduce the amount of toxins you take in. From avocados to mushrooms and soya, there is a wide range of meat, dairy, and egg substitutes to choose from. Plant-based foods can meet all your dietary needs. Here are some insights on where you could scavenge for your daily nutrient requirements:

Where will you get your proteins from?

This has always been the first question during the transition. This is because nearly all people assume that there aren’t any other sources of proteins besides animal products.

Well, Guess what? The right choices of veggies to go with could yield the same amount of proteins or even more than that of eggs, milk, and meat. Black beans, lentils, nuts, potatoes, tofu, garbanzos, broccoli, and quinoa are good protein sources to help keep you satiated for the whole day.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating lots of fruit as your first meal will help kick start your blood sugar levels, leaving you full of energy all day. Add in some breakfast cereals, organic vitamin supplements or some soya products to ensure that you meet your minimum daily requirements for each nutrient.

Any snacks for a veggie?

There are lots of fruits, smoothies and energy bites to snack from either in mid-mornings or mid-afternoons.

Go big on Lunch and dinner

These constitute a larger intake than breakfast and snacks combined. For lunch, you should always pack carb-rich foods, especially fiber whole grains, to help keep that tummy full for the rest of the afternoon; same for dinner. Use nutritious flavor foods like oregano and yeast, a rich source of vitamins.

A vegan is more likely to miss out on useful omega 3 fats typically acquired from seafood. Include good amounts of nuts, seeds, oils, and hemp in your lunch and dinner recipes. Base your dinner mostly on chickpeas, tofu, and lentils.

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