Who could NYCFC’s next designated player be?

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Sports Featured


With Frank Lampard having departed who should NYCFC bring in to fill their open designated player slot?

The New Year is the time of year where teams in the MLS make some extremely exciting signings. So far Patrick Viera’s NYCFC have acquired goalkeeper Sean Johnson and striker Sean Okoli, and whilst these are big signings for the fairly new franchise, they’re not on the same scale as a DP.

It’s widely recognised that NYCFC should look to fill their final DP slot with a defensive player, due to their obvious failings last year. Over the next few weeks the next big star to join the ranks at NYCFC will be revealed, but for now let’s fantasise about a couple of superstars who have been rumoured to make the move to MLS.

If NYCFC are to fair as well as many people backed them to, then these players we look that below will surely help their cause.

Yaya Toure

The Ivorian powerhouse has been a key player at Manchester City since his move to England in 2010, however since Pep Guardiola has taken over at Manchester City he has been more of a peripheral figure.

Toure possess obvious qualities that will suit the MLS. His power and passing abilities are undoubted and his existing relationships with Vieira and captain David Villa, both of whom he has previously played with, would help him settle in New York.

Likelihood of it happening

Going back a month or so it looked extremely likely that Toured would be on the move in January. Unfortunately for NYCFC over the last few weeks Toure has become necessary to Manchester City again due to the long term injury picked up by Ilkay Gundogan. It’s quite obvious that Toure’s time in the Premier League is coming to an end, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere until the summer.

Ibrahim Affellay

Affellay, like Toure is currently playing in the Premier League. Due to injury his appearances for Stoke have been few and far between over the last season or two and because of this it’s likely that his club may take this chance to make some money out of him whilst they still can.

Affellay is a former Dutch international who has an abundance of natural talent and when fit would be a fantastic acquisition to most teams all around the world.

Likelihood of it happening

Affellay would probably cost somewhere in the region of $6million, which is more than affordable for NYCFC. This is an avenue that is definitely worth exploring for Vieira and his scouting team.

Signing either Toure of Affellay would signal a real statement of intent from NYCFC but neither are really what the side need. What Vieira should be looking to do here is bring in a top quality central defender.

Somebody like Juventus’ Andrea Barzagli would be an ideal acquisition to Vieira’s squad. He is experienced at the highest level, both with his club and internationally and at the age of 35 he may just be tempted to leave his native Italy and give the MLS a crack.

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