Can You Rely on the Security Features of Cloud Storage?

by | Feb 25, 2017 | Technology Featured

Cloud storage. You’ve heard it many times over yet you still hesitate to utilize it for storing your important files. For some people, they are not yet sold to the security that cloud storage provides.

So what really is cloud storage and why should people use it for storing their most important data?

People are used to storing their files in their computers (desktop and laptop) and mobile gadgets. But then the storage capacity of these devices may be limited forcing them to remove some of the file or transfer them to a flash drive or a CD.

With cloud storage, unlimited data and applications are saved in another location – on servers owned and managed by companies. But they are still made accessible to people through any computer linked to the internet. Companies that offer free and paid cloud storage services include Gmail, Dropbox, FatDisco and Microsoft’s Office 365.

Also, not many people know that popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google as well as Apple are referred to as consumer clouds as they store the photos, posts, emails and music of their members. Google Drive, for example, let users store different types of files from documents, spreadsheets and PDFs to images and Powerpoint presentations remotely. This only means you don’t overload your own computer with large files as the service’s computer cloud does all the work for you.

The Setup

Unlike an individual who keeps his valuable files using a computer or mobile electronic device, companies have a different setup. They have cloud computing systems made up of computer servers and storage devices connected with a computer networking equipment. This network of computers is normally situated in a regional data center near your location.

With individual companies such as Dropbox and FatDisco, they usually have their own private clouds that can be accessed by their employees and customers. Their private networks and internet connection allow workers and customers to access the cloud.

How They Work

It should be understood that cloud is not limited to storing information. In fact, computing clouds are also capable of processing and sharing information and software but through a network. They utilize a certain software that allows the sharing of workloads among different machines. This means that information moves from one computer to another.

The advantage of this sharing of workloads is it allows several programs to run at the same time resulting in higher efficiency. Cloud experts agree that programs that run simultaneously are more efficient than a stand-alone computer that only allows one workload at a time.

Cloud computing systems also require double the number of storage devices to keep all the information of its clients in a secure manner. This is necessary as some devices can break down every now and then and the system must make a backup of all the data and store them in other devices.

Security Issues

As the popularity of cloud computing grows and more people are utilizing it, many remain hesitant owing to security concerns. With hacking activities on the rise, they fear about having their information shared and stored in a remote server.

But authorities, however, point out that most cyber attacks reported involved traditional servers and none has involved major public clouds so far. They are confident about the security of these big public clouds which, they point out, were created by some of the best computer scientists in the world including those from Stanford University and the National Security Agency.




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