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by | Feb 23, 2017 | Business Feature

There are people who believe the era of email marketing is over, but it remains an effective way to reach and capture your target market if done correctly. While it’s true that many marketing emails are ignored or deleted before being read, it’s largely because the senders keep making the same mistakes. To help you create effective email marketing campaigns, this article offers six essential tips. After all, email marketing can be very cost-effective, and successful campaigns are hugely rewarding.


It All Starts with the Subject

An email’s subject needs to capture attention and evoke curiosity, but it’s also what readers will use to make a first impression of the email’s contents. Avoid using ‘spammy’ subjects that readers will quickly scan over and instead try to summarize your email’s content while ensuring it relates to your customers’ needs and interests.

Mobile Friendliness Matters

Now more than ever, people use their smartphones to check their emails – and it’s a trend that’s set to grow further. Avoid using long paragraphs that run further than a single screen page, and avoid complicated HTML that may load slowly on phones with a poor signal.

It’s All About Timing

It’s not always a bad idea to send a follow-up email to a customer who hasn’t responded to your first email, but only send a reply once you know for sure they opened your first your email. The last thing you want to do is make yourself look desperate or needy. It needs to be clear that what you have to say is for the benefit of your customers rather than your company’s profits.

Show Readers How You Can Improve or Simplify Their Lives – And Avoid Showing Off Too Much!

Your emails need to capture people’s attention by showing them how you can benefit their lives, so don’t focus your efforts on singing your company’s praises. A couple of subtle sentences that prove your professionalism is fine, but ensure most of the content focuses on how customers will be better off by reading what you have to say. Try to tell a story rather than be wholly sales focused with your content because email marketing campaigns are more about generating leads than closing deals.

Know Your Audience

Give readers a chance to tell you their interests when they subscribe to your emails so that you don’t send information that’s irrelevant to them. If you’re sending information to certain people who have no use for certain products, they’ll soon unsubscribe from your email list.

Use Apps to Your Advantage

Fortunately, there are many applications that help you monitor the success of your email marketing campaigns. You can find out who opened your emails and when, as well as how long people read them for and their level of interaction. Sometimes, perfecting your technique is a matter of trial and error, but an in-depth analysis is a key to making improvements that make your campaigns more effective.

Email marketing is far from dead, and if you remember the tips detailed above, you’ll reduce the number of readers who send your emails straight to their junk folder.

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