Keeping it Simple

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Entertainment Feature

Making the payment process easy for your customers is one of the most important factors to encourage those customers to come back and share their experiences with others, Your checkout page is therefore incredibly important as it’s the place where people part with their cash, hand over personal information and need to trust the site where they are shopping for goods or services.

Make it Easy

Paying customers need to be offered a number of payment options .  It’s both professional and what customers want. Ok, you don’t have to go mad and offer every single option there is but if you take at look at your target audience you can check out which are the more popular of payment methods.

As an example, a  good combination of options would be to allow direct bank transfers, and the major credit card companies.

For businesses like online casinos you should consider mobile deposit casino options as mobile usage is increasing exponentially and you do not want to miss the boat.  PayPal is another option to consider adding to your payment options, as are some of the more popular e’wallets.

It is all about capturing the majority of people visiting your website.

Keep it Consistent

Make sure your payment page uses the same colours, fonts and general design as the rest of your site. There are certain online payment providers that deliver the fontend all ready made but if you take on that option you will be giving up your brand recognition and the consistent look and feel of your site. To be honest it also looks sketchy and could put customers off.

Do Not Redirect if at all Possible

Although PayPal is incredibly popular it does take people away from your website and as you want your name and site to be the last thing on their minds.  You have to weigh up your options here on what you want to provide so again check your majority audience and if a good percentage are using methods that take them away from your website then you are going to have to add that method.

Make it Safe and Secure

Go out of your way to show your customers that your site is safe and secure, and mention all the measure you have in place that makes it fine for them to share their banking details with you. Display your credentials and badges proudly.

Us Clear and Jargon Free Language

When paying for any goods or services make sure that the payment page is clear and concise, and in easy to follow steps. There is no point bombarding customers with relevant information when they are dealing with money and it could actually put people off at the last hurdle.

Your aim should always be directed towards encouraging people to return to your site.  Having an easy to use payment page with help to hand if required is always the best option.



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