Our State of Ecological Affairs Just Got Muddy

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Business Feature

While a few people are still divided on whether climate change is a legitimate concern, our recent political climate has changed everything on how we support companies who lower their footprint. It’s not an easy topic to navigate but it’s one we should, as our homes are at stake. Read on to understand more on just how confusing everything is going to get.

Companies Are Concerned

From small mom & pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, many are concerned about their impact on the Earth. While they often cater to a target market who is equally concerned, there is so much to learn from them if you are on the fence or even lacking any concern.

Corporations that are engaged in mining, manufacturing, chemicals, and power are some of the most concerned. Some of these corporations, like Ajweller.com, are now specializing in wear plate production to help other companies go a bit greener.

It’s Also About the Money

While it’s nice to know some companies and corporations do care about their impact on our earth, for many, it’s also having a very positive impact on their wallets. Many corporations now learn that they save money in the long term when they use greener equipment. People love to support companies whose concerns match their own. The more companies go green, the more they see their target audience expanding and more profits heading their way. Using less energy and tax benefits set by prior presidential administrations have been key factors in corporations reconsidering how they function. They are the two biggest money savers for businesses!

Changing EPA

There have been major concerns with our newest administration and the President’s disbelief in climate change. Scott Pruitt was his top pick for heading the Environmental Protection Agency and received Senate approval. What worries us most is the possible reversal of the Clean Power Plan. Corporations could no longer be regulated, lose major tax benefits for any green changes they make and find themselves spending more to stay in business. This leads to a rampant rise across the board economically. Everything from gas prices, food prices, and to health care could be affected tremendously. We are looking at hundreds of billions of dollars potentially lost if Pruitt undoes what has been set in place.

What Do Corporations Do?

We hope that no matter what happens, corporations and companies will still comply with current EPA regulations and stick with them for the long haul. While they could see increase cost in some areas, we hope that the people will continue to support companies moving to greener positions. Additionally, we hope to see companies and corporations fight back against seeing the rise of these costs. Losing a tax benefit for going green is certainly something to fight to keep!

2017 is proving to be a year of massive change and when it comes to our ecological concerns, it won’t remain unscathed. It’s important to understand the concerns we all have about rising costs that we face every day. Costs that not only affect our wallets but also our physical health. Do support your companies that are trying to do good deeds!

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