5 Companies that can Inflame Your Influencer Marketing

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Business Feature

What is Influencer Marketing and How Can It Benefit You?

Influencer marketing is exactly what the name suggests it should be; it is a marketing technique that uses the influence of industry leaders, publications, celebrities and other famous personalities to market a particular product, service or brand message across to a large number of people. The technique primarily involves hiring social media influencers, bloggers, publishers, websites or anyone who has a strong influence over your target group, to promote your brand in a positive manner.

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Influencer campaigns can expand your company’s reach to a much wider audience through increased brand awareness. People who never knew your company existed will now see and hear about it from a blog they trust and follow. It gives credibility to what your company is about and works towards establishing the brand name. Considering how many people you will be able to reach by doing just one campaign, it cannot even be considered expensive. Before you begin with your influencer marketing campaign though, you will need to find, contact and convince the right YouTube personalities, bloggers, celebrities and publishers to do what you want them to do. This is where the following companies come in to help you in making those strategies and convincing the right industry leaders.

Influence & Co.

It is possible to use your own key employees as internal influencers within the industry and Influence & Co. specializes in helping you to do just that. Their services include content marketing, executive branding and custom content projects which are created by working with the client brand and their requirements.


ProvenSEO is the leading name in influencer marketing and sponsored content delivery. The company specializes in connecting popular, relevant blogs and online publishers to companies. With a strict watch on quality control, ProvenSEO brings together copywriting, link building, guest posting, blog matching, social media marketing, content marketing and their long list of top quality online contacts to create the best marketing strategies for their clientele.

TopRank Marketing

Similar to ProvenSEO, TopRank Marketing works on all aspects of marketing a business online, simultaneously. Their expertise includes influencer marketing, content marketing, SEO optimization, analytics and conversion optimization, digital ads and social media marketing.

Buzz Marketing Group

This is a company that focuses on millennials in particular. If you have a business that you think can benefit from influencing millennials, then Buzz Marketing could have a marketing campaign for you. They have over twenty years of experience in researching, targeting and influencing millennials. In order to get your brand name across multiple cultures, they actually have a multicultural team at their disposal as well.


SocialRank is dedicated to social media marketing and influencer marketing primarily on Instagram and Twitter. They help their clients to identify, organize and manage their followers on the two aforementioned social networks. It is particularly useful if you want to find the followers who have the most amount of influence on social media and use them as influencers for your company.

You should also look at some of the most successful influencer campaigns and see if you can incorporate a thing or two from those into your own campaign. The best part about influencer marketing is the fact that although it takes some work to get things started, once you set it in motion, you can reap the benefits without having too much to do!

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