Android O and its 5 exciting features

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Technology Featured

Google’s latest Android update is being called “O” and has few exciting features that will make your investment worthwhile. The ones that are eager to know the new features of this device might find it somewhat similar to the concept of OEM smart phones (Android devices) that were launched in the past. However, that should not make you lose interest as the latest Android News states that the new device will have certain enviable features.

Here, we will find out what these new features, additions or extension (whichever way you would like to call it) will have users to offer. Check out the same in the following paragraphs.

  1. PIP or Picture-in-picture mode

If you are an “app” person, you must have seen and known the functionality of this feature. And it is interesting to know that this feature will be found in the new Android O. This new feature will improve the user experience when it comes to videos. The same will also be used in case of media applications. This is definitely one of the enhancements that the gadget lovers will look forward to.

  1. New icons

The so called adaptive icons are here to stay and if you have used a Samsung smart phone before, you will not be surprised to see this inclusion but the only difference is that this time it is making inroads into the Android devices. The most interesting feature of this icon is that it is adaptive. In other words, these icons can be changed depending on the requirement of the devices. The UI or the User Interface has improved and is equally appealing with the animations that appear on your screen when it is launched.

  1. New user friendly APIs

If you have extensively used browser Google Chrome, you will definitely know the benefits an auto fill API has to offer to users. These auto fills allow you to store information related to your plastic cards and also passwords that you use for other applications. This particular feature is now being incorporated by Google in the Android O. An essential feature for the ones that are always on the go and do not enjoy memorizing passwords for every application that they use on Android devices or any other hand held device.

  1. Channels for notification

Would you like your notification window to look cluttered and confusing? Surely not and if you are one that like to keep it simple and user friendly, the new notification channel of Android O is perhaps what you need at this hour for a hassle free experience. The new improved notification channel feature will not only keep the notification window uncluttered but it will also filter out the junk. You will have the option to select, categorize notifications on the basis of preferences. By doing so, you will be able to view the ones that you prioritize for viewing first and you do not have to view all of them in one page. Also, the appearance of this window has been changed for an even better look and layout.

  1. Save your Android phone battery life

Android News is thrilled to announce the best feature of this phone, which perhaps every smart phone user prefers and that is essentially to save the battery life. And this is enabled by reducing the number of background tasks, a feature that has been added in the Android O.

The 5 exciting features that are expected to be incorporated in the Android O are surely enviable. If you are a true Android fan, all you can do is to wait for these features and look forward to an exciting Android O experience.


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