How to Ship Items to new Country – 5 Easy Tips you cannot Miss

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Health Featured

Don’t we have to face packing challenges associated with moving within country? Yes we do. Isn’t it?

Now, you can very well imagine the kind of trust, faith and enriching track record you are going to expect from a renowned shipping company when you are moving out of “another country”. Yes, I am talking about the associated challenges being faced in terms of carefully handling essentials such as electrical appliances, furniture, documents etc.

Your selection of shipping company makes the operations way simpler than you think

Shifting base to another country obviously sets its own high level of Do’s and Don’ts as per the norms being set. However, this seemingly tedious practice can be addressed with perfection, sophistication and easiness if the enriching track record of the shipping company has been well established as an indicator. Yes, for example, if you are shipping from Japan, your worries will give way to happiness, as the proven track record will just act as an icing on the cake.

Your planning needs to start for atleast couple of months earlier

You need a minimum of 60 days for strategizing to shift to another country as you have to make some serious planning regarding the following:-

  • House-hold items (in-terms of what items you are going to get rid of)
  • The kind of policies you have taken (you need to end those policies)
  • The connection in terms of gas, electricity which needs to be snapped and so on.

You need time to dispose those items which doesn’t make sense to ship to new country

Likewise, your house may have a big part of those items which you rather prefer to dispose of by contacting sellers locally, rather than paying additional charges of transporting to another country. I am sure; you would have “few” furniture items, or washing machine etc which you would rather be happy to dispose of quickly. You can either take quotes from companies who act as intermediaries in helping you to contact sellers for those “specific” items or you can directly contact “potential sellers” by word to mouth publicity or searching for several sites. Two months is actually a time which may give you an additional “anxiety-free approach” to make this work systematically.

Removing important connections takes time

If not the essential, “day-to-day” connections in the form of gas, phone, internet, water, electricity are managed by land-lord, you need to pay the final bill to the concerned authorities by informing them that you aren’t going to use with the “said” date. That will verily help both of you to avoid any sort of chaos and confusion after the “mentioned date” and that you or someone from your vicinity isn’t going to be in any problem later on as well.

 Possessing health insurance card? Return it

Yes, your health insurance card prior to flying down to another country requires you to return it at the local municipal office through the employer who was actually responsible for issuing the card.


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