Impress Your Gamer Valentine

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Entertainment Feature

For all that it’s supposed to be about love, Valentine’s Day is a strangelyanxious holiday. Get them too much and you can be left with the financial consequences of your love; get them too little and you could beliving in the dog house for weeks after the 14th. Sometimes it feels like it’s a lose-lose situation when it comes to the big day, so you need to do all that you can to even the odds in your favor.

Flowers, candy, and a fancy dinner are tried-and-true gifts, but they get a bit stale when you’ve used them before. They also happen to be those gifts slackers rely on when they’ve forgotten that Valentine’s is fast approaching, like those last minute pick-ups on the way home as you frantically call a restaurant that’s still taking reservations. They reflect nothing of the person you’re in love with or the hobbies they have.

Cast from your loved one’s mind any doubt that you dialed in Valentine’s Day this year. Make a creative choice well in advance of the day by getting them something based off of their love of Xbox. When the night’s going to end in playing a campaign anyways, you might as well get them something they can use. Keep reading to learn about Xbox-related gifts they’d never think of to get themselves.


They may have customized their gameplay exactly how they want it, but the console doesn’t reveal any of their hard work. It looks exactly how any other Xbox looks. You can change that with Xbox skins for your console. Head online to create a color combo befitting your partner and surprise them with a decal that speaks of their personality.

Memory Expansion

You’ve probably heard them complain about memory before — or a lack of it, to be more precise. Eventually, the limited hard disk will fill up with their games and movies, forcing them to grit through slow load times and preventing them from exploring every campaign as they’d like. Luckily there’s a dongle for that. The Xbox One reads USB 3.0s now, making it an easy addition to plug into the console. Meanwhile it can add up to 2 TB to the original memory!

Xbox LIVE Subscriptions

If your partner is into online multiplayer games, then a Gold Membership would make not only their Valentine’s but their entire year, too. This means they’ll get 12 months of unlimited access to discounts, free games, and all of the online multiplayers they want.

Of course, these are only just 3 options. There are tons more available online, especially when you take into account how many games are on their wish list. So stock up with a customized Xbox skin and a LIVE subscription and totally impress your valentine this year.

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