Maximize Your Business Output One App at a Time

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Business Feature

The vast majority of modern businesses are either online or use the Internet as a catalyst for growth. Very few of those who conduct their business online do it exclusively from desktop computers. Mobile users play an increasingly important role in the ecosystem and developers were quick to react to their demands. A small investment in utility and productivity apps can make the difference for those who want to enhance the output of their ventures.

Small businesses with equally small teams can benefit greatly from using free to play applications. Many developers chose to walk down this path and provide their products in two versions. The standard bundle is quite often free and players who need additional features can pay a small subscription or a one-time fee. This list of business apps can be a good starting point for those who are yet to discover the advantages of such professional applications.

The Ultimate Workflow Management Apps

Modern people work in diverse environments and interact with their colleagues, associates and clients on many levels. In many cases, members of the same team don’t even work from the same location and use the Internet to stay in touch. The utility of an online collaboration tool for teams is self evident and Asana was among the first to rise to the challenge. Compared to many project management software, this is not a one trick pony, but a versatile tool that can be used in several ways.

The perks of installing the project management app are self evident when the application is used by people from several countries. Regardless of time zone and distance, Asana empowers small businesses and keeps everyone in the loop with the latest developments. Businesses use it extensively to keep track of daily tasks and users can assign projects weeks in advance. All those involved can use it to discuss the matter at hand, make suggestions, updates and many modifications whenever necessary.

Some of the best apps to run your business are not expensive, in fact people can use them for free. This is the case with Asana which offers a basic package for businesses with few employees and simple needs. It is vastly superior to email solutions as a means to communicate and accessible to anyone. Other companies that develop professional software started from the same premise and try to keep down the costs as much as possible.

Until FreshBooks came around, regular people had a hard time doing the most basic accounting. For a small business, it’s much more convenient to use a professional application than to hire an accountant for the job. Easy, convenient and inexpensive, this solution allows users to stay in control of their expenses, use time tracking tools and manage their invoices.

Business Apps Shine the Brightest on Mobile

The vast majority of developers for businesses made their applications fully compatible with mobile devices. The advent of smartphones and tablets made it possible for people to harness the significant resources of these devices to run increasingly powerful applications. The offer is so impressive today that many people experience the paradox of choice when browsing the apps available online. This is where Appnext steps in, as a leading mobile discovery platform.

It offers premium mobile monetization that uses action-based product families and innovative ads in conjunction. It is a godsend for publishers, as it helps them bring in more customers by directing users to their next app. The proprietary software used by Appnext meets users halfway and has the uncanny ability of suggesting the best apps for them.

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