Sending Quality Emails

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Technology Featured

We are now living in a digital world, and it is a very common thing for people to send emails to their friends, colleagues, and family members if they want to share valuable information to them. Email correspondences are particularly common in the business and professional context. Many professional relations correspond regularly through email.  There are many instructions and important details that are carried out through email, and most often than not, threads last for weeks, or even months, depending on the relevance of the topic.

Email is a very essential communication tool in business. Even the most seasoned professionals sometimes still need help with the content of their emails.  Sometimes we just want our intended meaning to be as clear and concise as possible.  People are busy, and we want to respect their time by sending emails that they don’t need to clarify.  The last thing we need when we send emails is incorrect or misinterpreted information. As much as possible, we want to send quality emails that improve team communication. This is when proofreading services come in.

There are actually many proofreading online sites, but most of these sites are dedicated to long texts such as academic papers.  They usually do not offer proofreading for short texts of 50 – 100 words.  Also, the cost of their services is usually expensive.

Precise use of the language is important, and this could be achieved through sentence correction, spelling check, grammar check, and punctuation check.  There are online spell checkers and online grammar checkers that are openly available to anyone without cost. The disadvantage of using these computer-generated checkers is that some corrections may not be used in the proper context, so accuracy is compromised.

There is a service that combines the convenience of in-app or built-in correction with the accuracy of human proofreading experts who will correct your emails but not alter or change its meaning in any way.  At, privacy, accuracy, and low cost subscription plans all combine to provide clients with properly corrected emails that they can send to recipients with confidence. Unlike proofreading online sites that takes hours or even days before you get your corrected text, the message is corrected by email angels in a few minutes.  Clients also have the option to send the corrected message directly to the recipient or review the message first before sending.

In sending quality emails, our goals must be to avoid misunderstandings and have relevant, action-oriented discussions that will benefit the business.

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