Top Destinations To Visit This Summer – Its Vacation Time!

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Travel Featured

If you are deciding to visit the top destinations during the summer months, then the best place is the Mediterranean coast. This coast is having almost 196 km of long seashore that welcome people from all over the world to enjoy and rejoice during the summer months. Not all the beaches are considered private and they are not freely accessible. Even some of the beaches require the entrance fees, other beaches are used by the nearby factories or the port authorities.

Additionally, there is a 9-mile extension of the beach that moves towards the Red Sea in the city of Eilat, and a stretch of 35 miles of the lakeshore covering the area around the Sea of Galilee. The beaches those are present in Israel are really ecologically diverse and the travelers can find the rugged coastline along with the rocky landscape. Though, one cannot walk the entire beach area. But can cross some of the most beautiful places that fall between the Rosh HaNikra to the region of Gaza Strip border in the southern region.

First of all, if you think to travel to Tel Aviv, then the best time to go there is during the summer months. You can take help of the online guides that will help you with the information like weather reports of those areas, places of attractions, hotels and the transportation facilities as well. You will definitely like to visit Tel Aviv as it is one of the best places to explore during the summer holidays. The winters are really cool and mild. At times, you can experience little rain. But, most of the times, the weather remains sunny. You can board the Tel Aviv flights to reach the places around.

Tel Aviv is considered as the cultural hub of Israel. This place is full of life including the fashion, cafes, nightlife and culture and so on. The wonderful beaches of this place offer the best balance between the urban life and nature. This city is among the top destinations that are to be traveled during the summer months. You can take flights from this city and travel to the nearby destinations. If you walk down a little, you will visit the city of Jaffa that perfectly blends the modernity and rural culture.

The city of Jaffa offers a lot of luxurious hotels as well as the urban boutique hotels for the travelers. This place is famous as it is considered as the top shopping destinations in the world. There are various shopping areas like the Tel Aviv, Nachalat Binyamin and the Haschashmal.

Apart from shopping, you will also take your kids to enjoy at the amusement parks. There are several activities that you can do with your kids and family members. Israel restaurants offer some of the most delicious food items.

The third region that you can travel is the Dead Sea. The Tel Aviv flights are available that can take you to this place. It is the most wonderful marvels in the world and it is located at the lowest point of the earth. It is located at the Jordan Riff Valley. Due to the immense natural beauty, the Dead Sea offers some of the best tourist opportunities to the travelers. There are various historic sites around the Dead Sea where you can visit with your family.

Thus, this article gives you a detailed description of the top places that you can travel during the summer months.

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