Why the Demand for Public Administrators May Be on the Rise

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Education Feature

In the news, the newly elected president, Donald J. Trump, has vowed to fix the nation’s failing infrastructure. This is going to be a huge undertaking which will go far beyond our roads and airports. The infrastructure is failing, partially, because of a lack of funding in public administrators. This would be the perfect time to advance your education to pursue an online masters in public administration. If all goes as he wishes, we will be in need of administrators on a city, county and federal level. While the work itself may be in rebuilding the infrastructure, there will be a need for qualified individuals to oversee each and every aspect of reconstruction.

Exactly What a Public Administrator Does

While you might want to work in a government post, public administrators are also employed in private and nonprofit sectors as well. As the name would imply, someone who has graduated with an online MPA degree would be the administrator who oversees literally all aspects of a program. Whether it is a construction project, a local charity or a county water works, each type of entity needs an administrator and a public administrator to handle programs that directly involve the public.

Some of the Most Common Jobs within the Field

If you are looking to advance your career in public administration, you might want to know exactly what kinds of positions would be available to you. Following are a few of the most common types of public administration jobs, but the one thing they all have in common is a passion to serve within their respective fields. These might be possibilities to explore:

  • Fiscal management / budget
  • Administrator for a law enforcement agency
  • Fundraising for nonprofits
  • Corporate accountability and social responsibility
  • Consultant for management teams
  • Management of human resource teams
  • Management / administration for city, county, state and federal agencies

And, of course, the list goes on, but those are some of the most common career paths you can explore with a masters in public administration.

Positions Certain to Be Opening Soon

On the Advocates for Public Administration website, this is one interesting career path that will certainly be opening up soon on a number of executive levels. They list some jobs in state and federal levels as including being a cabinet member for President Trump, working within the Central Intelligence Agency, and representatives to the United Nations. As everyone knows by this point in time, those are key positions. It would be safe to say that dozens if not hundreds of such positions may be opening up in the days and weeks to come, so if you have already graduated with an MPA degree, now is the time to submit your resume to the agency or department you are interested in joining!

While the pay is good as a public administrator, the one thing you should have is a passion for what it is you do. It has been found that most people stick with a career for longer periods of time if they are committed to what it is they do above and beyond what they are getting paid. Looking for a career with a future? Public Administration just might be right for you.

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