Are Porcelain Tiles Fire Resistant?

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Health Featured

One of the latest innovations in tile manufacturing, porcelain ceramic tiles are fast becoming a favorite of tile suppliers, homeowners and property managers. The manufacturing process of these tiles have ensured that the new and improved version surpass the limitations of original tiles, maximize benefits and offer artistic indulgence of leading materials such as marble. Furthermore, it has been accredited forĀ  its advanced functionality and versatility.

Product Standards

Being relatively new in the game, there are no established product manufacturing standards. Thus the quality of raw materials cannot be assessed from an industry standpoint. Even the process of installation has no specific set of guidelines. In such a scenario, manufacturers and installers rely on a set of loosely established best practices.

According to these, tiles with 6mm thickness are ideal for flooring and facades, those with 3mm thickness work best for furniture especially doors, and 12mm would be an standard choice for kitchen countertops. The tiles are manufactured under high-pressure and high-temperature environments making them extremely strong and resilient. They can also be fabricated to achieve any desired level of thickness according to layout and design preference.

Major Benefits

Some other major benefits of porcelain tiles include:

  1. Versatility – These tiles are very large and ultra-thin. The typical size is 5 feet by 10 feet in width and length and about 3mm and 6mm in thickness. They come in various shapes, sizes, tones and colors. Some variations of it even resemble wood, glass, textile patterns and marble. The surface finish range from glossy to different types of matte. They can be applied as individual pieces or form part of a mosaic. They can be used inside and outside of homes and in commercial spaces.
  1. Sustainability – They are made of natural materials such as clay, silica, mineral oxides, etc. Thus, they can be easily recycled and reused. They are environment-friendly and offer a sustainable green living solution.
  1. Health and Safety – Once installed, these tiles can last for years without losing appearance or shine. It does not gather dirt, dust, odors, bacteria or any other foreign bodies. They are very easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with a regular cleaning agent or damp mop.
  1. Functionality – Once installed, the tiles require little or no maintenance. They are durable and can last for decades. Don’t worry about kids and pets damaging them, they are scratch and crack resistant. Their crack-proof nature also make it ideal for kitchen flooring. Even if a cooking pot or frying pan falls, there will be no cracks or scratches to the floor surface. It also protects counter surface from scratches from knife or other sharp objects. The tiles are also stain-free. So if you drop oil or any product, the tiles will not leave stains.
  1. Fire Resistance – One of the most important properties of porcelain tiles is they are fire-proof. They don’t burn or emit harmful fumes. You can rest assured that even hot pans and other kitchen essentials will not char or ruin the surface. To push the limits even further, some manufacturers are also working to place the burners directly on the counter thus eliminating the need for a separate cooktop. The fire-resistant nature can be attributed to the extreme pressures and high temperature kilning process they undergo during manufacturing.
  1. Water Resistance – These tiles are completely waterproof. Their dense body prevents moisture accumulation. They show good resistance to water making them unfazed in freezing or temperate climates. This makes it perfect for outdoor applications as well. They can be used on the driveway, as they are extremely strong.

Porcelain tiles offer the best of both worlds. They have high aesthetic appeal giving your home or office the sleek modern look. Their durability and low maintenance advantage make it worth the buck. Moreover, by far, it has outperformed other flooring product for stain and crack resistance. They have a variety of applications in home and commercial spaces and they blend in with other interiors just as easily they as stand out in attractiveness.

Next time, you are considering re-doing the bathroom or kitchen or even the driveway, check with the tile supplier about his offerings for these tiles.

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