Facebook Way of Engagement

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Technology Featured

More ‘Likes’ on Facebook! An undying passion engulfing the social media marketers en masse! They crave for it; dream about the same; some desire it. Some of the social media marketers even perceive the likes generated on this platform as the cure all for the entire world’s evils and ills. Most strategists debate about the level of importance levied on a simple ‘like’. Is it that important or can marketers calculate the engagement metrics based on these likes? Some even debate further to say that likes may not play an effective role in creating viral excitement or revenue blast to heighten a brand reach to new levels.

Building relationships on the B2C front

Irrespective of underlying debates and arguments, Facebook likes act as the blanket cover for first impression. Setting a new trend for businesses to create a Facebook page, people judge credibility on the basis of Likes. Higher the ‘Likes’ better is the brand and its engagement pattern and offerings. Thus, by getting noticed by prospective target audience on the website leads to better communication flow. Status updates are viewed, liked, shared and comhttps://www.rantic.com/mented on. Word of mouth spreads and new users follow the brand page. With newer feature additions like Facebook Polls, Facebook Live and GIF led activations – interaction levels have become more personalized.

Tapping on to the right segment

With targeted campaigns and engagement tools on Facebook, brands can tap on to the perfect segment to feature their brand. Paid campaigns and promotions can be tweaked and set up in accordance to the brand’s requirements. Often social media managers and brand managers run multiple campaigns addressing multiple segments with proper audience sets.

The audience sets have multiple interest levels and brands can capture lookalike audience from competing brands as well. This forms a brand cult, which can be channelized further for multiple layers of communication. The communication, which follows after the prospective target audience like the brand’s page mostly, revolves around setting the right tone. The tone plays a make or break deal as the target audience may or may not approve the content. The ones who stick through are often the brand ambassadors who recommend the brand to their friends and family.

Future of Facebook and social media campaigns

Brands are on a steady pursuit to future proof themselves on the digital front. With digitization and digital transformation knocking on every door, Facebook is the messiah of traditional brands. As these brands continue to struggle to fit into the digital realm, Facebook likes is the first step in the digital front.

Incorporating icons of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter on respective websites is a must have. Brands are often judged by these incorporations and once the viewer clicks on the icon – another story begins. Compared to the other platforms, Facebook is the most visited as 90 percent of the viewers are comfortable with the interface and usage. Instagram is also gaining popularity and can be used by brands to drive visual led content that affects the consumer psyche. Multiple social media platforms serve different purposes and a gamut of target audiences.

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