How is mobile gambling changing the online casino world?

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Entertainment Feature

The development of mobile gaming has had a massive impact on a range of different industries. For the video game industry, it has hugely expanded their target market. For the tech industry, it has increased the demand for multi-device interface. And, for the advertising industry, it has massively expanded their opportunities. When it comes to the online casino industry, the rise of mobile gaming has inspired incredible changes that have allowed online casinos to stay relevant.

Gaming on the go

What has made mobile games as popular as they are today is mostly player’s ability to access the games wherever and whenever they want. People are playing mobile games anywhere and everywhere, which is how online casinos came to realise how important it is to be able to access their games on any device. As well as optimising the designs of their websites to work on phones and tablets, they also introduced casino apps that allow players to access the games they love both online and offline, from any location.


The social aspect of mobile games has for a long time been one of its greatest appeals. Players can compete against each other, play together, chat and share their game progress with their friends. It seemed to only make sense that online casinos began making their games more social, especially since the social aspect of casino games is one of the most appealing aspects of them. Bingo, for example, has always been a social game and many people have greatly benefited from visiting bingo halls. So, online casinos introduced scoreboards, chat and message functions and live dealers to being the online casino players together and make playing the games more interactive and fun for the players.

Welcoming new players

There was a time when casinos were part of an inclusive culture. Poker was played by those who had been playing it for years and visiting a casino was something of an awkward experience for newcomers. But nowadays people from all walks of life are playing casino games and the demographic for these games has expanded exponentially. This is because the popularity of mobile games revealed that almost everyone loves electronic games- which has paved the way for the online casino community to introduce new measures to make unexperienced players feel more welcome and help them become more accustomed to the games they offer. For example, Ladbrokes has created a series of blackjack video guides to help new and established players get to grips with the rules and strategies of blackjack.

More choices

One of the most notable benefits of playing mobile games is that players have an almost unlimited amount of choice. Between 2011 and 2015, the amount of mobile gamers in the US increased from 80 million to 164 million, which means that there is a lot of demand for a wide variety of mobile games. Today, no one is unable to find a game that appeals to them and this incredible amount of choice is something that the online casino industry has really picked up on. As a result, the amount of online casino games available to players has massively increased, especially in terms of slots. There are hundreds of different varieties of online slots games with themes that include everything from iconic modern film characters to nostalgic television shows.


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