How To Improve Your Customer Experience Performance

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Business Feature

Every business or brand with an online presence knows the importance of tracking the customer experience performance. Capturing a complete path of the customer on your website is something necessary in order for your company to better understand your customers and grow a sincere and strong relationship with them.

Consumers nowadays have multiple options at their fingertips while considering their online purchases. Many browse multiple sites in order to find the best deal in terms of excellent customer service, trusted payment system and of course a competitive and fair price. Making the highly competitive online retail world a place that requires a steep competitive edge.

What can mapping a customer’s experience performance do for my company?

Mapping a customer’s experience performance will offer you a complete picture of how a potential customer behaves while visiting your website. It will show you which page or feature was most visited and how long the each customer has spent looking over a certain feature of product. Even forms that were left uncompleted will be logged and shown to you in order to better help the potential customer and supply them with their needs.

Thecustomers equally benefit from customer experience performance mapping, by allowing customer support centres or call centres to see a complete picture of the customer’s session by logging in and following the customer’s steps in its entirety.  This gives the customer an easier and smoother experience, without having to go into lengthy explanations and frustrating repetitive steps with the customer call centre agent.

Of course this also benefits you by cutting the amount of time needed on each customer call, as well as generating high levels of trust and satisfaction during your customer’s experience.

Performance assistance – keeping your website running smoothly

Experience performance software has so much to offer a budding new business as well as already established brands. IT staff are a valuable part of keeping an online business running smoothly – however, when costly mistakes and website feature errors happen, potential customers are quick to abandon their intended purchases, as trust has been lost in the process.

Pinpointing exactly which errors have occurred quickly and efficiently by reproducing and diagnosing errors through session replays means your IT team will minimize any problems and quickly deal with website errors before a large amount of visitors to you website are affected.

All of the data collected can be reviewed and analysed for a number of reasons and at time you need; all helping you better understand the customer’s digital journey and allowing for better, more efficient customer service.

As a happy customer is a loyal customer, the more trust and excellence you place in your customer service, the greater chance of customers returning for repeat purchases. A consumer’s opinion is a powerful marketing tool, and satisfied customers often feel compelled to leave positive reviews on various online media and review websites.

Online retail is an interesting and insightful way to communicate with our customers and with such amazing software and services, we are able to do what was impossible in previous sales arenas before – follow the customers steps and collect real data on the customers journey and experience on our website.

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