Top 10 Programming Blogs for Every Software Developer to Trail

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Technology Featured

Even if you are a professional software developer, there’s still a lot about programming that you don’t know. There is always a thing or two that senior programmers and maybe even junior programmers know much better than you. You can read books, learn from online courses but nothing teaches best as experience of other developers. The programming field is so vast that every developer has a different view point and approach to writing programs. Therefore it’s in your best interest to keep learning and gaining knowledge by reading what other people write. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do so is to subscribe and keep reading other programmer blogs. These blogs are meant to reinforce and boost your skills from all directions and in different ways. If you know the topic you can just skip the post but it’s still valuable to reinforce your knowledge. Here are what we think are the top 10 software developer blogs to follow regularly.

Peter Krumins Blog – is a blog by Peter Krumins. This blog is dedicated to hacking, NUXI programming, new software ideas, computer security, Browserling and technology news. The blog is filled with useful code examples, reusable libraries that Peter has open sourced and programming tips and tricks. Every month the blog gets one or two new posts. The blogger also keeps sharing the updates of his own company Browserling, which is a cross-browser testing application made by him. Very interesting blog.

The Toptal Engineering Blog


This blog is a consistent rendering of superb articles for software developers, irrespective of their skills. Almost every day you can find a new post. Different types of articles exist such as tutorials, tips, extensive code snippets, and in-depth explanations of new technologies and frameworks. There are also guides on project management and remote collaboration.

Scott Hanselman’s Blog

This blog covers code, tools, technology, devices, software engineering, and the development culture. Mr. Scott, a Microsoft employee and a former professor, shares his practical advice unambiguously. New posts are visible once or twice in a week. Consider this blog for getting top-notch technical insights.


This blog is popular for its insights on software development and its business aspect. It is run by Joel Spolsk who is a blogger since 2000, an erstwhile Microsoft programmer, and the co-founder of StackExchange. He is also a major contributor to the Fog Creek Software company as well as to an interesting browser-based tool, Trello. Additionally, this blog uses podcasts for discussions with esteemed guests.


Unlike other blogs that share about programming news and technological basics or inventions, this one aims to boost the programming skills by providing in-depth posts. The blog has extensive snippets, best practices, latest techniques, and detailed discussions on different methods. It is specialized for Microsoft technologies and languages, especially the NET-based ones.

A List Apart

This is an extensive site offering introductory, in-depth, and code-based articles on different topics such as code, content, design, business, process, and user experience. It covers a variety of software engineering subjects. The content shared here comes from the experiences of several experts, which is reviewed by the industrial professionals. The blog also shares best development practices and Web standards.

David Walsh

Do you wish to master JavaScript (JS), CSS, and HTML5 from an honest and engaging expert? If yes, then this is the blog to stick to! It is from David Walsh who is a senior Web developer for Mozilla along with the developer for the MooTools JS Framework. The articles here disclose his skills regarding these programming skills and give several interesting tips and insights into front-end programming.

Martin Fowler

Mr. Martin is among the most leading bloggers in his domain due to a decade of professional software development experience. His blog shares posts on different prominent topics such as NoSQL, DSL, agile development, and refactoring. However, a specific focus is on enterprise application development and software system design.

Code Simplicity

This is a blog from Max Kanat Alexander, who is a software engineer at Google and the author of Code Simplicity: The Science of Software Development. His blog shares his experience on software design so that the developers can simply the complex process. He strictly believes in keeping the software design as simple as possible.

The Daily WTF

This is where you can get rid of the programming boredom by going through the useful development insights that are combined with a great piece of humor. So, the posts on this blog are both handy and funny. You can find guides on how-not-to-do-things and tales of terrible development projects.

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