China and Taiwan: A One China Policy In Name Only?

by | May 24, 2017 | World Featured

The outcome of the U.S.-China summit did not get attention at all because of a cruise missile attack on Syria occurred during the meeting. President Trump made a comment on this meeting’s achievement, “The relationship developed by President Xi and myself I think is outstanding.” However, as it was their first summit meeting, they were just exchanging greetings and no agreement nor acknowledgment was made. President Trump gave China a certain credit for their handling on North Korea’s threat. However, the U.S. has been suffering from tremendous losses caused by China for many years, such as trade deficit and job loss. The U.S. needs to correct the trade imbalance soon. China has been trying to stop the arms sale by the U.S. to Taiwan, but theyfailed in fact at this stage due to the attack on Syria.

China and Taiwan have a long history of “division”. After the Sino-Japanese war was over, an internal war started in China between the Nationalist Party and Communist Party. The Nationalist Party who lost in this war withdrew to Taiwan. Thereafter, China became the “Peoples Republic of China” and Taiwanthe“Republic of China” and they have been continuing their confrontation. In other words, the reality is “One China, One Taiwan” regardless of how hard China insists on “One China”.

Who is “China” in the view of the United Nations? It was Nationalist Party’s the Republic of China” who was a member of the United Nations representing the nation, “China”; the Nationalist Party fought the Sino-Japanese War as a member of the United Nations Allies. They were the previous government of current Taiwan. This means that China who should be a member of the United Nations is not the People’s Republic of China created by China’s communist party.

Who was “China” at the time of the World War II that divided the world into half? It was unmistakably Taiwan’s Nationalist Party. The Nationalist Party in current Taiwan was controlling China during the war. The current Chinese Communist Party is not the real victim. Therefore, the “Victory Day Parade’ commemorating China’s victory in the resistance war against Japan is a false propaganda transmitting wrong understanding of history to the world community. The Chinese communist party is using the Sino-Japanese War and Nanking Massacre occurred more 70 years ago as a political tool, and is trying to imprint an impression of Japan as if it is a “cruel country”. It is today’s Taiwan who can make those accusations against Japan as a true victim. However, we do not hear any accusations from today’s Taiwan, a reasonable nation. Some say that China engineered photographs for proving Nanking Massacres. Some journalist stated that the Nanking Massacre itself had not occurred. Today’s China (Chinese Communist Party) is nothing but a pronoun of “history revisionism”.


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