Compliance Within the Gaming Industry Means You’ll Be Secure

by | May 31, 2017 | Technology Featured

Maintaining security within any establishment is not always easy. In fact, the deeper we go as a society into the realm of technology, the more it opens up new and innovative ways for people to steal, cheat, and manipulate a number of situations and industries. One such industry that has constantly been under assault from those seeking a ‘quick score’ is the gaming industry.

In 2015, Eddie Tipton was convicted of running a scam against the HotLotto multi-state lottery in the U.S., raking in millions of dollars dating back potentially as far as 2008. The rigged drawings were the product of a sophisticated logic bomb that allowed Mr. Tipton and numerous other accomplices to predict winning number sequences.

Now It’s Time for Online Gaming to Get More Secure

The modern online gaming industry’s growth has been explosive in recent years. With the advent of smartphones and tablets and the apps that run on them, online gaming has become easier, more convenient, and an exciting way for millions of people around the world to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their home, the bus, or on a break at work.

For these companies invested heavily in online casinos security is tantamount to long-term success, which means they have to take things seriously. There needs to be a reasonable focus on not just protecting their websites from the most common hackers, but also subterfuge of the kind that the HotLotto scandal highlighted.

How Can This Be Done?

New Jersey instituted some new regulations and consumer protections over the past 30 months that have been extremely effective. One reason for this level of effectiveness, though, is a diligence on the part of the gaming commission and the compliance of those gambling establishments to meet them.

In the 30 months that these new regulations have been in place, there hasn’t been a single report of money laundering, geolocation failure, or other crime committed within these establishments. While 30 months isn’t proof positive that the system is perfect, so far there’s every indication that when in compliance, the right systems offer the level of protection these organizations want and deserve.

A False Sense of Security Can Be the Downfall

There have been numerous novels and movies through the years highlighting hubris as being the downfall of the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses. An ounce of preventive effort will go a long way toward helping gaming companies become more secure, but it’s essential that these same establishments understand the importance of being on top of the latest risks and not fall into the common trappings of complacency.

Security audits are a key to long-term viability of security. One major crux of the issue for the HotLotto scandal is that there were not regular, consistent security audits performed of the system. If there had been, then the ‘logic bomb’ that was implanted by Eddie Tipton and his accomplices would likely have been detected.

Unfortunately, at the time of the writing for this article, almost no real-life or online gaming establishment is invested in regular, annual security audits, which means they could be subject to any number of back doors allowing people illegal access to the system and thus rigging the entire system in their favor.

Security remains a key component of online and in-person gaming as well as other betting establishments, including eSports betting, but compliance to regulations and a focus on audits helps to secure the vault, in a manner of speaking.

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