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by | May 11, 2017 | Technology Featured

There is an old saying that goes – “Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the good news and the bad”. In the realm of technology, this saying bears some truth.

For one fast-growing startup, the future is riddled with doubts of ethical practice. On the other hand, another long-standing tech giant continues to amaze its customers and industry experts.

The question that only time will reveal the answer to is how will the company facing negative attention respond? Additionally, will the perennial powerhouse continue to lead the pack?

Uber And “Greyball”

Yes, Uber has taken the country by storm. Cab companies have suffered unimaginable losses as a result of Uber’s rapid growth. With this rapid growth has come its fair share of trouble. Now, they are facing a criminal investigation.

The U.S. government is investigating claims that Uber has (or is) using a “secret software” that enables the company to operate in parts of the country where it has been restricted or banned. This software goes by the name “greyball”.

While this news is disconcerting, one must keep in mind that we live in a country where people, and corporations, are innocent until proven guilty. What cannot be denied is the black mark this leaves on Uber.

“Apple” of Our Eye

When you hear someone say the word apple, what is the first thought to cross your mind? Bet it is not a fruit.

Steve Jobs is the name that most associate with Apple. It’s rise to international power and recognition has been documented in books and movies. Part of the allure of Apple is in the hype that comes with new product launches.

But wait, this can spell good or bad news, depending upon your perspective.

Apple likes to announce new phones during the month of September. On appearances, this seems wise for business. It drums up excitement and talk. However, this advertising “ploy” of sorts appears to be backfiring on Apple.

As the cost of their phones continues to rise, in line with technological advancements, customers are becoming less apt to rush out and purchase the latest phone.

The reason is simple – if the product launch is not deemed to exceed expectations, sharp customers will hold off till the following year. Or, look elsewhere. After all, with new Apple phone costs pushing closer to $1,000, does it not make sense to wait another year?

Tying It Together

In the development stage, software is created with the help of continuous delivery tools that eliminate needless time delays. Once the project has been completed, the time to launch and follow-up with your customers has come.

What can be learned from cases such as Uber and Apple is based upon your company’s vision. No CEO desires to be straddled with investigations. Nor does any organization want less revenue due to frequent product launches which outdate the previous year’s goods.

This is to be determined for each individual, each company. Bearing in mind that sometimes the difference between the good news and the bad is a grey area.

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