Stress and Staying Healthy

by | May 22, 2017 | Health Featured

When you are healthy, it means that your mind and your body both function as they are meant to. It is important to us all that we remain both emotionally and physically healthy. We don’t perform at our best if we don’t feel well. Remaining healthy not only means that we feel good, it also allows us to perform in a way that is more effective. We can maintain our health by taking good care of ourselves and staying away from toxic situations.


Stress is something that our bodies respond to by producing stress hormones. These particular hormones are known to make things like blood sugar, heart rate, and blood pressure rise. We all live with stress on a daily basis. There are things that can cause beneficial stress, and things that can cause bad stress. We all deal with stressors in our own way. Unfortunately, some people even turn to drugs to deal with stress. This actually causes more stress as the body becomes addicted to those drugs. Thankfully though, there are drug detox programs that can be used to get off the drugs while also learning how to deal with stress in a way that is healthier.


Did you know that age can lead to more stress? Some people become stressed at the thought of getting older. However, aging is something that we all must do. You can stay healthier though if you just keep working, according to the chief medical officer of England, Professor Dame Sally Davies. She says that there are both mental and physical benefits that go hand in hand with working and that it assists in keeping people from feeling as if they are isolated. While you might have to deal with the stresses that go along with any job, they can be much more positive than the stresses of feeling old and alone.

Stress and Ulcers

You may have heard before that stress causes ulcers. While this is just an old wives’ tale, it is true that being stressed can make existing ulcers worse. Most of the time, ulcers are caused by a specific germ that is called H. pylori. People who have researched this are of the opinion that the germ is spread through water or food. Ulcers themselves can actually be cured by using a combination or medicines including antibiotics.

If you want to remain healthy, a good thing to do is to reduce your stress levels. There are a few ways to do that.  They include:

Feeling Good About Yourself

It is important that the people who you surround yourself with make you feel good about yourself. This is regardless of your health condition or size, looks, or anything else. Also, if there are people in your life who encourage you to do things like overeating, smoking, drinking, or anything else that can be detrimental to your health, it is time to get rid of them and find some new friends.

Limber Up Your Brain

Staying mentally active can be emotionally rewarding, but it can also lower your stress levels and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. You should never give up on learning, even if you are up in age. There are little things that you can do to remain mentally active. They include brushing your teeth with your right hand even if you are left handed, or taking a different route to the store. You can read a bit and challenge yourself with the content of what you read. Solving puzzles or playing games that require strategy are also a good way to remain mentally active. You might even learn to play a musical instrument or a new language. Anything to make you think and flex the muscle that is your brain.

Boost Your Karma

Doing good deeds can make you feel good and this can lower your stress levels. By putting energy into the universe that is positive, that energy will make its way back to you. You can improve the life of someone else while lowering your stress levels by knowing that you have done something worthwhile. It doesn’t have to be anything big either. If you see someone down, offer them a smile or a shoulder to cry on.

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