The Very Latest Developments in Freight Forwarding Technology

by | May 24, 2017 | Business Feature

Freight forwarding has certainly come a long way when it comes to logistics and broadening the capabilities of the mining and construction industries. However, it is safe to say that there are still many barriers to cross with the increase in demand for goods being transported all over the world.

Technology is paving the way for some extremely exciting developments when it comes to freight forwarding and these could have a serious knock-on effect on the way that we live our lives in the future. Getting your goods from A to B has never been more exciting, so take a look at some of the very latest news that could see a transformation in our lives very soon.

Automated Mass Transportation

The founder of the transportation technology company Milotek are currently looking towards creating a form of mass transportation that allows for congestion free and efficient transportation of goods or people, benefiting both the freight industry and public transportation services around the country. The aim of their project is to compete with the rail and road transportation industry in creating a solution that will allow the seamless movement of both passengers and freight in a way we have yet to see.

They have proposed the manufacture of motorised units that are fully automated and designed to transport containers specially designed containers shaped like round pods. These pods will be able to carry passengers and freight weighing up to 20 tons. The breakthrough idea is in the fact that they will be able to be suspended above an existing road or right of way. Units will be able to run in close proximity with one another as well as take different routes, offering a low cost solution to our transportation needs.

Automated Freight Drones

You would have most certainly heard about the advancements being made when it comes to drones being more widely integrated into our society, vastly spurred on by the media. While in the past drones played a more combative role in the military, their position is constantly changing. Just last month we saw several unmanned aerial vehicles set off in the Dominican Republic that were able to carry 2kg a distance of 20km.

Amazon has also created a new wave of excitement when it comes to drone delivery when they began testing Prime Air in 2016. This service is set to improve deliveries in inner cities by allowing fast and automatic delivery of purchases, thus meeting increasing demand and improving efficiency and delivery time.

The possibility of being able to use drones that are specifically developed for freight forwarding and delivery use means that we will become better equipped to provide services to more remote areas. Alongside this, drones will mean that goods can be taken to areas where weather conditions are not favourable, or areas where humans may be put at risk.

It has to be said that we are due some exceptionally forward-facing and technologically advanced developments when it comes to freight forwarding in the years to come. With increased demand for freight mobility and a growing population, these advancements are likely to transform the way we live our lives significantly.

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